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The Online Associate Faculty position is a part-time, temporary adjunct employment opportunity. The Online Associate Faculty member performs duties relating to online instruction including but limited to: posting faculty guidance and expectations, participating in classroom discussion boards, grading assignments and promptly responding to student inquiries. This is an online adjunct teaching position and reports to the Executive Dean.

Ashford University’s College of Liberal Arts is seeking candidates with real-world experience in the field of journalism and media to teach courses in: news writing, news reporting, editing, law, ethics, research methods, global journalism, feature writing, cyber journalism, politics and media, etc.

Essential Job Duties:

• Posting faculty profile and expectations

• Posting weekly guidance (lecture), when applicable

• Promptly responding to student inquiries

• Facilitating classroom discussion boards

• Providing timely and effective instructional feedback

• Grading assignments and posting grades

• Collaborating with other university departments to promote a positive student experience

Minimum Requirements:

• Emphasize a student-centered learning environment through active engagement.

• Collaborate within the University community to ensure a positive overall experience for all University students, including the following: the Office of Access and Wellness to holistically support student success in the classroom by implementing university-approved accommodations, the Instructional Services Department to foster professional growth as it relates to successful teaching for the Ashford student population, and the Student Records department to maintain timely and accurate student records.

• Adhering to all faculty requirements such as facilitating and engaging in classroom discussion boards, grading assignments and responding to student inquiries in a timely manner.

• One (1) hour of professional development is required to be completed per course taught. Examples of such are synchronous faculty development opportunities, webinars, etc.

• Must reside and be eligible to work in the United States

• Hold a minimum of a Master’s Degree

• Proficiency in common internet tools, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

• Interest and commitment to teaching in an online environment

• At least two (2) years of work related experience as a reporter, journalist, editor, or other assignment for a reputable print and/or digital publication.

• Must currently be employed in the industry (writer, editor, reporter, news director, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications:

• College level teaching experience

• Doctorate degree in related field

• Experience teaching in area of degree

• Experience teaching in the online classroom

• Experience teaching in “non-traditional” settings to students


• Must possess a Master’s or Doctoral Degree in Journalism and/or Mass Communication from a regionally accredited institution.

Education Requirements:

If a degree or education credit minimum is required for the position, all education must be conferred by a regionally accredited or approved nationally accredited institution. All candidates must provide proof of higher education (official transcripts) upon request.

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