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Waldorf University in Forest City, Iowa is currently seeking candidates specifically for the following adjunct faculty-teaching positions in the online program:

Department of English:

* ENG 1010 English Composition I

* ENG 1020 English Composition II

The following job description addresses the general qualifications to teach in the Online Education program at Waldorf University. Courses are taught using the Blackboard Course Management platform. A master’s degree is required with a minimum of 18 credit hours in field of study, however a terminal degree in your field of expertise is preferred. Candidates who do not meet this requirement will not be considered.

This position will report to, and be under the supervision of the appropriate Department Chair, or Program Director as assigned by the Associate Dean of the University. These are Waldorf University Faculty Positions, Category 7: Part-time, off-campus, adjunct faculty who normally carry a maximum load of 90 students and who may not meet all of the qualifications for full-time faculty.

Teaching Responsibilities:

* Teach assigned courses in field of expertise and maintain current knowledge in the discipline.

* Grade assignments within the time limits set by the Waldorf University Term Grading Schedule.

* Check the course site on a daily basis during the term.

* Be available Monday-Friday for student inquiries via email or phone call.

* Provide academic assistance and motivation to students throughout the entire period of the course. Encourage students to complete all course assignments and exams within the time allotted for the completion of the course.

* Communicate plagiarism issues to the Office of Online Learning.

* Work with Student Success Specialists regarding student and course issues.

* Consult with the Department of Online Learning or the Associate Dean of Online Learning as necessary to resolve student complaints.

* Remain current in the teaching disciplines through continued involvement in professional development activities. Each year, faculty members must successfully complete at least one professional development activity (workshop, seminar, and/or conference).

Program Maintenance:

* Communicate with the department Program director and/or the Associate Dean for Online Learning regarding course changes, amendments and updates, as needed.

* Review summary data provided in student evaluations of courses and provide a review of the courses you teach.

Other Duties as Assigned:

* May serve as an adviser in the selection and/or addition of courses and textbooks within the discipline, minimally on an annual basis or as needed.

* Develop, coordinate and write new courses, revisions of existing courses, and learning materials related to the discipline to ensure relevant, distance-oriented material. (Available as an additional contractual obligation)

* Evaluate courses and curricula and make recommendations to the Office of Online Learning. (Available as an additional contractual obligation)

* Resolve course content discrepancies and confirm accuracy of content in the courses that you teach.

* Serve as committee member on department and university committees as requested.

* Serve as subject matter expert and provide advice regarding discipline-specific issues, accrediting bodies and
reports, as requested.

* Perform other functions as required by the Associate Dean of Online Learning or Department Chair/Program Director.

Waldorf University was founded in 1903 as an institution of Lutheran higher education. In January 2010 Waldorf University came under the ownership of Mayes Education, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbia Southern Education Group Inc. This relationship has allowed Waldorf to reach new students through distance education programs as well as strengthen its residential programs. Waldorf University online courses follow a continual term enrollment format with each term lasting eight weeks.

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