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Medical, Transcription, Editing, Data Entry




Eight Crossings provides off-site support services for doctors, lawyers, hospitals and authors. Our flagship Transcription Service has been a trusted resource for clients since 2001.

With advances in secure digital communications tools, our off-site administrative support services are a cost-effective solution for clients throughout the United States.

Eight Crossings welcomes inquiries from Medical Transcriptionists with a minimum of two years experience transcribing multi-specialty medical reports. Graduates from approved transcription training programs may also be considered.

Home-based positions currently available require reliable internet access and a minimum ability to process 1,000 lines per scheduled day.

As a member of the Eight Crossings team, you will enjoy:

* Consistent primary accounts

* Flexible scheduling

* State-of-the-art productivity-enhancing software

* Positive work environment

* A peer network of other dedicated Transcriptionists

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