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RSM’s unique approach develops critical thinking and has built excellence in math since 1997. Recently featured by NPR and the Atlantic magazine as one of the players in the “Math Revolution” and ranked one of the best schools in the world by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, RSM helps children of all levels build a solid math foundation and develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. For nearly two decades, RSM students have consistently achieved remarkable scores on standardized tests and in national and international math competitions, although attaining top test scores is just one of the benefits of our program. RSM helps students of all levels become more confident in math and develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

The National Math Challenge Program (NMCP) is an RSM program designed for students interested in advanced mathematical topics and participating in math contests. NMCP curriculum builds on the RSM curriculum, and focuses on the development of intellectual agility and the deep exploration of higher-level concepts. We do not teach “tricks” for competing well, but rather train students to strategically use their fundamental mathematical knowledge.

NMCP is hiring part-time Math Teachers. Even if you live far from a local branch, you can still work for RSM remotely.


* Teach Mathematics in 5-12 grades

* Work closely with the NMCP team to improve the curriculum and teaching methods

* Promote and evaluate key critical reasoning skills as well as social and emotional growth

* Communicate with parents by maintaining records of academic performance, attendance and social acclimation


* Bachelor’s Degree in Math, Science or related field (Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, etc)

* Preferable: a proven record of achievement in national and/or international-level mathematical Olympiads

* Desire for professional development and training

* Ability and desire to make challenging concepts and problems fun for students

* Excellent interpersonal skills

* Experience working with kids is a plus

Benefits of working for RSM:

* Career growth opportunities in a fast growing company

* Opportunity to gain experience, working for one of the game-changers in math education

* Flexible hours – candidates can teach as little as 10 hours per week

* Permanent weekly schedule and already designed curriculum

* Teaching license is not required

* Can work remotely

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