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Master Practitioners are current or former mathematics teachers or administrators who work as independent contractors (part-time, per diem consultants) for Carnegie learning, providing, on an as needed basis, professional development for adult learners, support for sales staff and offering critical insight to ongoing development of Carnegie Learning Curricula and Services. To engage in the Master Practitioner Program an individual must be recommended by Carnegie Learning personnel and must successfully complete a suite of certification requirements, as prescribed by Carnegie Learning experts including shadowing and co-facilitating professional development with our experts.

Areas of Responsibility

– Coaching and Developing Others: Plans and supports the development of others’ skills and abilities so that they can fulfill current or future job responsibilities more effectively.

– Continuous Learning: Stays informed of current industry trends; actively identifies opportunities for learning; learns and applies new concepts to improve performance; shares information with others

– Customer Focus (Internal/external): Able to demonstrate a high level of service delivery; ensures customer satisfaction; addresses and resolves service failures; prioritizes customer needs; makes customers and their needs a primary focus of actions.

– Decision Making and Problem Solving: Able to solve problems while exhibiting good judgment and a realistic understanding of issues; uses reason, even when dealing with emotional topics; reviews facts and weighs options.

– Flexibility: Able to remain open-minded and change opinions on the basis of new information; performs a wide variety of tasks and can change focus quickly as demands change; manages transitions effectively from task to task; adapts to varying customer needs.

– Professional/Technical Knowledge: Has achieved a satisfactory level of technical and professional skill and knowledge in position-related areas. Keeps up with current developments and trends in areas of expertise.

Knowledge, Skills and Ability

– The successful candidate will have a demonstrated capacity to facilitate high-level professional learning for K-12 educators in the field of mathematics. They will exhibit a passion to promote implementation fidelity and increase teacher effectiveness along with ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction for Carnegie Learning clients. A Master Practitioner will:

– Ensure successful implementations of Carnegie Learning products at the request of Carnegie Learning Professional Development team members as per contract terms

– Share best practices for mathematics instruction with colleagues, teachers, and leaders

– Communicate implementation results internally with key stakeholders from Carnegie Learning and Districts supported

– Provide Initial Implementation Training and Leadership Training to support implementation fidelity

– Facilitate job-embedded support and instructional coaching to impact teacher change

– Provide support to sales teams in pre- and post-sales environments

– Facilitate other professional development or project work as requested by Carnegie Learning.

NOTE: The primary accountabilities above are intended to describe the general content and requirements of this position and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties.

Credentials and Experience

– Bachelor’s degree in education or mathematics

– Experience teaching middle or high school mathematics or experience mentoring, coaching, or managing teachers and/or training

– Basic understanding of school and district infrastructure including technology environments and management

– Expertise with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

– Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills

– Cognitive Coaching or similar experience a plus

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