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Colette Baron-Reid — author, public speaker, motivational speaker, and founder of Oracle School — is offering an outstanding opportunity to an enthusiastic, self-driven, remote Marketing Coordinator. It doesn’t get better than that, especially if you’re interested in spirituality and like to work from home in your gym clothes. We’ll warn you, it can get crazy at times, but it’s always fun collaborating with our team!

Colette is at the heart of what we do. We want you to be the person that helps keep us running smoothly and organized and assist with creating large scale awareness around her message, products, and educational platforms. You can learn more about our organization at

Here’s what we do from Colette’s perspective:

* Help people discover their own magic so that they live fully empowered and share their gifts with the world.

* Bring together a tribe of modern spiritual seekers and empower them to have a magical dialog with the Universe to create their ideal life.

* Offer spiritually based personal-transformation products and a global online education platform that includes Oracle School, oracle cards, books and meditations.

* Manifest values of empowerment, transformation, authenticity, inspiration, nurturing, connection, and community-building.

Our Ideal Candidate:

The candidate that will resonate best with our team is someone who is comfortable wearing two hats.

* A person with strong marketing and content management skills, who is well versed with social media marketing within all social media platforms, and also has a strong email marketing background.

* An organized person who excels at coordinating a team toward success, and therefore prefers being in charge of the planning to keep the team on track.

Your Marketing Coordinator duties:

* Schedules social media on a weekly basis

– Instagram

– Facebook

– Twitter

– YouTube

– Pinterest

* Assists with social media content development, deployment, and testing

* Monitors social media accounts for commenting engagement

* Manage all marketing aspects of the brand’s WordPress site

* Build of weekly online newsletter & blog

– assigning and collecting graphic assets

– posting of weekly content to blog post

– upload to Youtube & Facebook.

* Assist with the build, proofing, and testing of promotional emails
Your Team Coordinator Duties:

* Assist with planning of project schedules

* Use a project management platform to assist with team project implementation and task completion

* Works closely with, and assists COO with ongoing needs and special projects as directed

* Manage CEO’s calendar including ongoing communication with internal team and outside parties around meetings and appointments

Your daily role:

* Schedule and monitor social media

* Liaise with team members

* Coordinate and schedule meetings and manage the team calendar

* Juggle multiple projects

* Assist with various marketing initiatives

* Report to VP of Marketing


Your outstanding software skills:

* Asana

* Slack

* Google Drive and Hangouts

* Google docs and Google sheets

* G-Cal

* Video Conferencing (Zoom)

* WordPress

* BeLive

* Social Scheduling Applications

Other useful software skills: (familiar, but not expert)

* Email marketing systems – (such as Infusionsoft, Active campaign, etc…)

* Photoshop

Your personal attributes:

* You are extremely adept at handling multiple tasks at once, keeping everything in order, and are a quick learner.

* You are proactive in your approach toward getting things done (in other words you have a healthy mix of hustle and problem-solving).

* You have an innate ability to connect all the dots, no matter how complicated.

* You’re enthusiastic and non-defensive, able to give and receive constructive feedback and communicate effectively.

* You’re willing to do whatever it takes during intense marketing periods to achieve results.

* You are detail oriented and are able to keep up with the fine details while still being aware of the big picture.

* You are passionate about personal development and thrive when your job includes helping others.

* You’re committed to a healthy lifestyle, respectful communication, positive team culture, and personal growth.


Bachelor’s Degree or Associate’s degree, preferred but not required. What’s most important to us is what you’ve accomplished in your work experience, as well as your emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Who’s a good fit for Team Colette:

We’re all tech-savvy, creative, and spiritually open-minded. As a remote team, we live on Slack, Asana and Zoom, with plenty of daily communication and collaboration. We love our Oracle Card parties, and we go with the flow while getting a lot done. Yes… we’re all Type A. We do things differently, and we send a lot of love to our community with absolutely no expectations of receiving anything in return. . . but we always appreciate it when they respond. We are relationship-builders and we’re committed to a mission that makes a difference in the world.


65,000- 75,000


* Full-time remote work as an Independent Contractor

* All expenses paid to attend certain live events and team meetings in person


If you respect Colette’s mission and values and want to create a career (not just a job), then we welcome you to apply for the position. We need your. . .

* Current resume.

* Cover letter explaining why you’d be a great fit for the job.

* Answers to additional questions at the end of the application.

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