Job Category: Telemarketing

Location: Work from anywhere (U.S.)


  • We start at your state/county minimum wage/hr.
  • Wage increase opportunities: 30 day perfect attendance = $.50 increase.
  • Other raises are given at the time of reviews. (2 months, 6 months, 1 year…etc.)


MaritzCX started with the simple idea that businesses need more than scores and reports to meet their customer experience(CX) challenges in the 21st century – and that idea drove us to combine the deep expertise of a proven research leader with the speed and innovation of a modern tech startup. The result is a faster, smarter approach to CX that gives businesses the power to see, sense, and act on the experiences of every individual customer – across every touchpoint — live.


With MaritzCX, businesses constantly discover new insights about their customers. They always have instant access to the CX information and resources they need to drive organizational change. They never have to guess about how to earn the loyalty of customers. That means banks can change policies and operationalize procedures that help them retain more customers. Car manufacturers can find better ways to serve their clients at the moment they purchase or repurchase. And companies around the world can create new value for customers and accelerate their organic growth


Across the globe our community of researchers, consultants, trailblazers, data-jugglers, coding magicians and customer advocates are unified by one common mission: to employ creativity and technology to empower our clients to win customers for life. Driven by innovation and led by a world-class leadership team, we are changing how the world views customer experience. We are endlessly passionate about what we do, and together we celebrate our outstanding results.


MaritzCX believes organizations should be able to see, sense and act on the experiences and desires of every customer, at every touch point, live. The company helps organizations increase customer retention, conversion and lifetime value by ingraining customer experience intelligence and action systems into the DNA of business operations. MaritzCX is the combination of the Allegiance award-winning CX platform and Maritz Research strategic consulting services. MaritzCX serves many of the world’s top companies in industries from automotive to retail and from healthcare to B2B.

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What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) describes how customers feel about their collective experiences and interactions with a company—including their overall relationship with a specific brand. “CX,” together with terms like “Customer Experience Management (CXM or CEM),” are also often used to describe an organization’s ongoing efforts to measure, manage, and improve their customers’ perceptions and experiences.



  • Ranked as a Top 15 finalist in the 2008 St. Louis Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work”
  • Selected for the 2007 InformationWeek 500 List of “Masters of Technology”
  • Ranked 26 on the 2008 InformationWeek Elite 100 and Top Innovators 250 Award
  • Ranked 305 in the most recent Forbes listing of the “500 Largest Privately Held Companies”
  • Maritz does business with 30 of the world’s FORTUNE 50 companies
  • MaritzCX President and CEO Carine Clark has been named CEO of the Year by Utah Business magazine.
  • TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named the Allegiance platform as a 2015 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award winner.


  • MaritzCX has 900+ full-time employees in 19 offices and five global regions.
  • MaritzCX serves 500+ clients and one million users in 100 countries speaking 72 languages.
  • MaritzCX clients range from mid-sized to the world’s largest companies.
  • The MaritzCX platform provides flexible, self-service capabilities that allow clients to create or change reports on their own, and integrates with, Adobe, and other popular data systems.
  • The MaritzCX SaaS-based CX software platform delivers a big-data architecture based on Hadoop and Elastic Search, allowing analysis and management of multiple survey programs and customer data sets in a single platform.
  • The CX platform includes patented Spotlight® data mining; the first data mining product specifically created for the CX industry, and offers integrated survey software, dashboards and reports, case management, and text analytics.


The Market Research Virtual interviewer conducts consumer research studies by phone. We represent major corporations in industries like automotive, financial, and telecommunications.

We are an outbound call center with At-Home interviewers conducting survey questions which are to be read exactly as they are seen. Customer responses are generally inputted into the computer using numeric keys or the mouse. For Quality and Training purposes all calls are recorded.

By using the employee’s reliable phone with clear reception, the Maritz dialer system contacts the customers automatically. There is never any long distance or local charges as a result of doing this position. In order to assure Quality and Consistency of every survey, Interviewers must follow directions, procedures, and instructions exactly while also using time effectively. They must have minimal time off from their schedule.



  • Good basic reading skills
  • Clear English ensure customer understanding
  • Explicitly follow verbal and written instructions
  • Friendly and professional in all situations
  • High tolerance for repetitive tasks
  • Self-motivation to achieve production and quality goals
  • Excellent Attendance Equipment



  • Broadband connection to the internet – Reliable and high speed
  • PC with Microsoft 2000 & Internet Explorer Version 5.0 or better
  • Telephone with clear and reliable reception
  • Active e-mail account
  • Secure and private workspace
  • Workspace quiet and free of background noise
  • Workspace safe and free of hazards



  • Must maintain client confidentiality at all times
  • Must follow company policies and procedures at all times
  • No caring for anyone while at work including children, parents, etc.
  • Employees must pass the paid training to be considered an At Home Interviewer.



  • Interviewing techniques and procedures, customer sensitivity awareness, and company policies.
  • You can choose to attend either 1 eight hour training class or 2 four hour training classes.
  • Training is conducted over the phone and at your home computer.



  • We start at your state/county minimum wage/hr.
  • Wage increase opportunities: 30 day perfect attendance = $.50 increase.
  • Other raises are given at the time of reviews. (2 months, 6 months, 1 year…etc.)



Schedules submitted weekly. You create your own schedule based on the hours required. We require a minimum of 20 hours per week, maximum 28 hours per week and 6 hours every weekend. You can split the weekend shift by working 4+ hours on Friday with 3+ hours on Saturday or work the full 6 weekend hours on Saturday. Monday-Friday you can work between 4-6 hours and on Saturday you can work up to 8 hours. You can create a new schedule each week or keep it the same.



  • The minimum weekday shift is 4 hours.
  • The maximum weekday shift is 6 hours.

The earliest start time is 2pm PT/3pm MT/4pm CT/5pm ET

The latest start time is 3pm PT/4pm MT/5pm CT/6pm ET

The latest shift lasts until 8pm PT/9pm MT/10pm CT/11pm ET



  • (At least 3 hours are required each week)

The earliest start time is 8am PT/9am MT/10am CT/11am ET

The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET


SUNDAY: (We do not have current projects operating on Sundays)

  • We do not have available hours on Sunday at this time. Below are the working hours should a project offer Sunday calling in the future.

The earliest start time is 9am PT/10am MT/11am CT/12pm ET

The latest start time is 10am PT/11am MT/12pm CT/1pm ET



  • Direct Deposit each Friday
  • Monthly incentive programs based on project performance – gift cards of your choice
  • Employee referral program – $50 gift cards of your choice
  • Flexible weekly schedules that you create each week
  • No travel – 100% Remote
  • This is not a contract position, you would be an employee of Maritz CX
  • Paid time off


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