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Live Chat, Typing, Customer Service, Administrative




The role

Every chat is unique. We provide you with the training, knowledge and tools but it’s up to you to add your personality. You’ll be working as part of one of our teams representing a selection of our customers. You might be concurrently selling investment property, providing customer support for a leading British video on demand service while also discussing which ski holiday a customer might like to go on. It’s varied, interesting and surprisingly complex.

Location isn’t important. Being part of the team is.

We realized to continue to work with the best team we could find, we needed to look further than commuting distance from our London HQ. As long as you have a distraction free workspace, reliable internet, are a native English speaker and live in a state or territory in which we’re recruiting, you can still be and feel a big part of the team.

Skills required

* Native-level English with outstanding sentence structure, spelling and grammar

* High levels of organisation and attention to detail

* Strong ability to multi-task and stay focused in high-pressure situations

* Meticulous learner and inquisitive mind

* Upbeat and positive personality

* Typing speed of 80+ WPM, error free (test your typing speed here)

* Able to work 20-40 hours each week

If your application is successful, our recruitment team will arrange your live chat interview, assessment test, and phone interview. Reference checks take place if you’re offered a position with us, so be sure to have your referees ready.

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