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Gaming, Visual Design, Entertainment & Media, Graphic Design

Pay: TBD


Imagine your favorite game without the maps you usually play on, would it still be what it is without those maps and talented level designers who made them?

Level design has always been the fundamental part of the Game Development industry, it dictates the pace, creates a challenge and makes the best use of gameplay mechanics available. Level designers are expected to always challenge themselves when creating gameplay spaces and go above and beyond in crafting the most pleasing experience for the players.


* Conceptualization of levels/maps/missions

* Needs recognition for levels/maps/missions

* Creation of 2D and 3D layouts

* Implementation of required gameplay elements

* Cooperation with Art, Technical, Light and Mission designers

* Balancing of design decisions with technical requirement


* Good game culture

* Strong understanding of the elements needed to make a level fun to play

* World logic – a good understanding of aesthetics (form follows function; your pitched scenario needs to make sense within the overall context of the game)

* Flexibility when facing iterations and general adaptivity

* Experience using Unreal Engine 4

*Familiarity with scripting will be considered an advantage

Company – IceVayne Games

Website –