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Legal Transcript Quality Assurance

Pay: $15 an hour

Full Job Description


VIQ Solutions is looking for a couple vendors who specialize in transcribing and/or editing law enforcement-focused audio files. We are specifically looking for those with Court Reporting experience and good Deposition knowledge.

Vendors will be assisting with Quality Assurance of legal transcripts. You will be responsible for ensuring that transcripts returned by our typists meet our documented specifications. Each transcript is reviewed for correct formatting, accuracy, and adherence to customer specific requirements.

We are looking for those who consider themselves perfectionists and are able to produce the absolute highest possible level of accuracy for our legal transcripts before they are used in court proceedings.

You should also be committed to being available for work on a consistent basis. You should be available 3-4 hours per week, 4-5 days a week. Vendors can work in the mornings or the afternoons but would need to give us their schedule in advance.

The pay is $15/hour worked.


  • Work from home on your own schedule
  • Grow your business at your own pace
  • Be able to spend more time at home
  • No commute
  • Pajamas all day!



  • You must be an American citizen residing in the USA*
  • Note: Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to contract with residents of California and Massachusetts.
    • You must be able to pass a full criminal background
    • You must have stellar grammar skills
    • You must be able to type 75 WPM (or be a stenographer)
    • Previous court reporting, scoping, or legal transcription experience required. Court reporting students will also be considered.
    • Be able to produce a transcript that is 100% accurate
    • . Be able to meet posted deadlines
    • You must be able to decipher audio recordings, find applicable information from job sheets, and navigate our template; all while maintaining quality requirements.
    • Be an effective communicator through email
    • Have or be willing to purchase noise canceling headphones, and an Infinity foot pedal and an available USB port for your foot pedal.
    • Work on a PC with Microsoft Windows 10,
    • Work with Word 2013 or 2016 (Locally installed 32-bit versions ONLY; No Starter Editions).
    • Have an antivirus program with daily virus definition updates (Except Webroot antivirus).
    • High-speed internet connection (DSL or cable modem only). No Satellite.


1. Submit your resume and application.

2. Complete an assessment process to demonstrate your transcription and proofreading skills

3. Start completing work and getting $$$

Company – VIQ Solutions