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Learning Hub Supervisors

Pay: TBD

Full Job Description

RLH Supervisors ensure that all students attending the Remote Learning Hub are logging into their classes on time and actively participating in the remote learning experience. They will monitor students throughout the remote learning day and ensure that students are not disrupting others in the room with talking, fooling around, etc. The supervisor will ensure that all COVID-related health and safety protocols are being followed at all times, including 6 ft. of social distancing, mask wearing, handwashing and sanitization practices, bathroom use policies, eating and drinking, etc.

Ensure students clean computers and desks (as appropriate) before they leave for the day. The RLH supervisor will immediately report any issues or violations of safety or appropriate behavior protocols to building administration. Supervisors will not be expected to assist students with their academics, but may do so when and if feasible. We are seeking one Remote Learning Hub Supervisor for each building.

HoursNES: 8:15 3:00 (w/half hour lunch) = 6 hoursBalmer: 8:15 3:00 (w/half hour lunch) = 6 hoursNMS: 7:15 2:30 (w/half hour lunch) = 6 hoursNHS: 7:15 2:30 = 6 hours

Company – Northbridge Public Schools


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