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Virtual assistant, Travel, Phone Handling




The SafeAlign® system is a multi-faceted, comprehensive solution designed to focus on safety leadership development for front line leaders and mid-level managers. Two key components of this system are the delivery of highly interactive and engaging skill development workshops and post-workshop infield coaching live in the leader’s work environment. During infield coaching, the Learning Facilitator models the desired skills, observes leaders practicing the new skills and provides immediate success and guidance feedback. The workshops and infield coaching both allow learning to occur in a non-judgmental environment using a variety of learning methodologies. The Learning Facilitator would be assigned to various client projects to deliver the SafeAlign system in accordance to each client’s agreement.

Position Responsibilities:

* Be a highly effective workshop facilitator, that can bring content to life through examples and stories and can find ways to engage all members of the workshop.

* Follow a centerline delivery model for pre-developed workshops, with strong ability to keep the workshop highly interactive and engaging for the duration of the workshop.

* Solid knowledge of the centerline workshops with demonstrated flexibility to deliver adaptations of the workshops to meet client needs.

* Pre-delivery collaboration with Project Lead to gain an understand client and DEKRA requirements.

* Provide input and ideas for changing the centerline approach to enhance the learning experience.

* Provide timely and accurate post-workshop metrics to the Project Lead in accordance with client requirements. Metrics to include observations of workshop successes and challenges, and any information that will advance the project and client relationship.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Strong computer aptitude, including knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite with ability to develop, format and edit in the main MS applications: PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

* Ability to develop collaborative, working partnerships with clients (both internally and externally).

* Demonstrate a strong client service orientation in all interactions and activities.

* Confidence in exercising judgment with the ability to identify situations requiring the expertise of others.

* High degree of professionalism Excellent facilitation skills with the ability to deliver centerline and client-adapted content in an efficient and effective manner.

* Comfortable with scheduling and conducting work over the phone, conference calls, and multi-media platforms including video conference calls, Skype, etc.

* Demonstrated communication skills in both verbal and written formats.

* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience required.

Physical Demands:

* Must be able to work in a variety of client locations, environments, and conditions. This can include ascending/descending stairs, walking long distances, walking on rough and uneven terrain, walking through client work facilities, working in heat/cold conditions, indoors and outdoors.

* Must be able to accommodate working various shifts as consulting activities are scheduled.

* Must be able to withstand the rigors of extensive travel.

* Some client locations are remote, require difficult travel and long periods of driving.

* Ability to lift 25-50 lbs.

* Ability to facilitate 4-8-hour workshops with groups of 12-20.

* Ability to handle computer-based work, including telephone.

Required Travel:

* Routine domestic travel.

* Ability to travel by various means (plane, car, train as examples).

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