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TransPerfect Remote Interpreting is looking for experienced Japanese Interpreters to work from home. This is an exciting opportunity for someone interested in harnessing their skills and talents as a telephonic/Over-the-phone (OPI) Japanese Interpreter from the comfort of their home.

Japanese Interpreters are responsible for providing consecutive interpretation services over-the-phone. Interpreters are required to be fluent in English and Japanese at an above average level, be able to pass a language assessment, and work as effective telephonic/OPI interpreters.

After remote training, Japanese Interpreters will be expected to demonstrate excellent customer service, communicate all information clearly and accurately, and adhere to work requirements. Successful employees will have the opportunity to learn new subject matter, become qualified to service more challenging call types, and advance their careers.

* Through one week of paid remote training, Interpreters will learn and follow TransPerfect’s interpreting procedures and protocols and will have sufficient knowledge to be able to take calls independently

* Provide the highest level of customer service during interpreting sessions between our clients and Limited

* English Speakers, and be able to identify sensitive cultural differences

* Develop techniques to improve listening skills and short-term memory to be able to interpret for long periods of time

* Continuously improve vocabulary required for various clients

* Complete all compliance training and keep all assignment-related information strictly confidential

* Provide accurate and complete interpretation without paraphrasing

* Never counsel, advise, or interject personal opinions

* Participate in regular feedback and coaching sessions to continually improve performance

* Adhere to regular work shifts and training sessions as scheduled

* Perform other duties as assigned


* High school diploma, GED or equivalent

* Professional Proficiency (speaking, listening, and reading) in English and Japanese

* Experience or formal telephonic/over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) training

* Ability to pass a language assessment

* Recognized certification in language interpretation (healthcare, legal or community) a plus

* College degree a plus

* Customer Service experience

* Master the concepts and develop the skills necessary to perform effective consecutive interpretation is essential

* Ability to sit and interpret over-the-phone for extended periods

* Tech savvy and use multiple software and phone systems simultaneously

Required Work Tools:

* A Windows or Mac computer connected directly to an Internet modem or access point

* A dedicated landline telephone with no features (i.e. no call waiting)

* The telephone should have a headset that connects to the phone using a cable (not a wireless headset)

* Broadband (high-speed internet connection)

* A quiet work space/home office with no distractions
(A picture of work space and verification of dedicated landline with not features is required)

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