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Computer & IT, Internet & Ecommerce, Project Management, Online Content

Pay: TBD


Twilio is looking for an experienced and self-motivated Intranet Program Manager (contractor) with a passion for program management to lead the build of a new intranet and manage site content on an ongoing basis. For all stages of the intranet’s development, pre and post launch, this person will work in lockstep with our intranet vendor team at Unily and the Twilio internal communications team. This person will be responsible for building the site, while engaging multiple key stakeholders, and driving visual design and site navigation. The role will then transition into maintenance and content management. The role would be approximately 20 hours per week initially and may taper down after the intranet is launched in September. This can be a 100% remote role with the opportunity to work out of any Twilio office (after reopening due to COVID-19)


  • Twilio is looking for a leader who lives the Twilio Magic. They also have:
  • 4-5 years experience in building websites with multiple stakeholders and content management. Intranet experience bonus.
  • Are a self starter with proven project management skills and is able to work with stakeholders and effectively manage a vendor relationship to launch the intranet on time and within budget
  • Loves to collaborate with a diverse, cross-functional team and work toward common goals. Always a fantastic ambassador for the  brand of the project and the team.
  • Is passionate about providing high-quality content and the importance of delivering timely messages
  • Enjoys working in a technical, fast-paced environment and an ability to work independently under time constraints to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrates strong writing skills and is able to create and adapt a style guide to ensure consistency of voice and communication quality across multiple content types
  • Is extremely detail oriented and organized, keeping everyone on schedule and never missing a beat


  • As an Intranet Program Manager, you will live the Twilio Magic values:
  • BE AN OWNER: Build intranet site content within a content management system and (CMS) develop and manage an ongoing content calendar
  • Lead efforts to create and maintain a sound site navigation (information architecture)
  • Manage the homepage to maintain a proper balance of content and tools
  • Oversee authoring and proper use of intranet sections for official company news, announcements and events
  • RUTHLESSLY PRIORITIZE: Coordinate creation of a visual design and theme for the intranet
  • Lead projects to improve sections of the intranet or deliver new tools through the intranet
  • BE BOLD: Create a governance model, then train stakeholders on how to create and post content
  • Monitor user-generated content for appropriateness and alignment to the Twilio voice
  • Monitor site analytics and report on key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • BE INCLUSIVE: Work closely with key stakeholders to understand their needs and involve them in planning and problem solving (including Communications, IT, HR)
  • EMPOWER OTHERS: Coordinate the efforts of central content owners
  • Communicate actively with the main stakeholder group

Company – Twilio