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Online Marketing


  • Must first complete 1 week training & a training test.
  • Starts at $200 base monthly stipend to start
  • Increases to $300 after 2 weeks where you show your average customer response time is under 1 business day
  • Increases to $400 per month after you earn two (2) “Great!” response ratings from customers
  • + Can grow to $1500-$2000+ per month after fully trained, positive ratings earned from customers, and based on number of customer accounts managed

PLUS, the option to be promoted to Sales Funnel Strategist role (compensated at a higher level), assuming good performance on account you assist on.

Job Overview

Petovera is a business that was established in 2010 as marketing agency. Since then, we have successfully completed and launched over 350 web marketing projects and campaigns for clients, see 12,000 visits to our website (, and have also been featured in major publications, like Forbes, Huffington Post, Mashable, The Washington Post, and many others.

Petovera (a combination of the latin words meaning “seek” or “strive for” and “truth) is a company that currently specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their sales and attract more customers.

In 2015, we revamped our business model to focus on providing a brand new and more scalable and affordable service to our target customer base.

We realized that the broader market couldn’t afford to invest thousands of dollars and wait months before launching a new website / email marketing system that brought them customers — this represented too much time and too much financial risk.

Today, we help our small business customers by providing a single, focused, efficient service that gives business owners the strategy and help with implementation they need to be able to create an effective online sales funnel.

A sales funnel is best defined as a series of steps that lead potential customers towards a purchase decision: from awareness, to engagement and relationship building, to the actual purchase and then referrals and repeat orders.

Company core values:

(1) Honor your ability to create.

(2) Relentless self-improvement.

(3) Have fun, life is short, don’t waste it doing work you hate or aren’t any good at.


  • Be part of a high-growth, creative company with a focused product and mission that betters the world
  • Work from home (we meet face-to-face weekly via  webcam on Google Plus / Skype)
  • Have fun while interacting  and learning from fellow team members
  • Learn new marketing skills, with room to grow move up in the organization
  • Earn a monthly income that can grow into a full-time salary with good performance


The role of the Inbound Marketing Assistant (AKA, what we call internally as the Sales Funnel Assistant) is an important one. You are the initial point of contact for new and existing customers. You job is to help customers get the info they need while protecting the time of the Funnel Strategist who offers his or her custom, higher level expertise via creative solutions and online marketing problem solving. If interested, you will also have the option (assuming good performance) of being promoted in to the Funnel Strategist role.

Studies show that diligence (caring about your work, about the details, about the customers and business) is the best predictor of success.

We want to work with someone who is excited to take ownership of this role, enjoys providing customers with the *strategy* and *specific direction* they need to grow.

To be successful in this position, you must work within the process we have already laid out, you must be interested in improving the process and making it better over time, and you must be consistent in your work ethic.

  • Welcome and setup new customers via email and over the phone
  • Read and interpret marketing analytics stats
  • Apply analysis checklist on website / customer’s online funnel
  • Brainstorm opportunities and solutions to low sales, leads, and conversions on customer’s website
  • Compile checklist findings into a templated analysis document
  • Answer common questions from customers over email
  • Quality check work of development team or other changes
  • Place “Action Orders” on behalf of customers for the Action Manager and Development team to implement
  • Communicate with fellow team members


  • A positive, enthusiastic attitude with good organizational skills
  • A plus if you have a good “spacial reasoning” skills
  • A plus if you like interpreting data, thinking strategically, and creative problem-solving
  • Like working with other people, good writing and communication skills
  • Must be technically savvy enough to be comfortable learning and using new software
  • Must be available for weekly team calls and contribute with ideas for how to improve your workflow
  • Must be US-based and able to communicate with our customers via email and over the phone
  • Not a requirement but a plus: Proficiency in WordPress, Google Analytics, and other marketing software like LeadPages and
  • Customer focused but also able to follow specific directions every week via our checklists, templates, and other instructional media used to operate the business



  • Must complete 1 week training & a training test.
  • $600-$2000+
  • Structure of compensation includes a base + $40 per customer account managed per month (this is not a sales or commission based position, we will assign you customer accounts)
  • Total time needed per customer account is ~30 minutes per week (so hourly rate is between $17 – $20 per hour)
  • Additional performance incentives to be given as well for helping to guide customers on their marketing strategy and grow

Plus, earn the opportunity to be promoted to Funnel Strategist role (compensated at a higher level)

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