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LiveOps - Virtual Call Center


LiveOps is a great opportunity for people who like to help other people out while working from home. As a LiveOp Inbound Sales agent you will get opportunity to work with a trusted partner to generate reliable, recurring income while having complete control over your schedule. You get the full benefit of working from home and  arrange your work schedule around your life.

How It Works
You will be answering inbound phone calls on behalf of LiveOps’ clients.

Inbound calls come from people who call to inquire about a product or service after seeing an advertisement on TV, hearing a commercial on radio, or seeing an online or print advertisement.

As a LiveOps independent sales agent, you may have calls where the goal is to pre-qualify the caller for the next step in the sales process. On other calls, the goal may be to sell the product and maximize the sale by offering upsells that complement the main product, subscription services, and other add-ons.

You will represent top brands and assist their callers with a product or service they are interested in. Callers are driven to call after seeing an advertisement on TV, the internet, magazine, or a piece of direct mail, or hearing an ad on the radio.

These brands are looking for agents to be the voice of their brand, achieve sales goals, and strengthen customer loyalty.

To be successful, you need to thrive on the challenge of overcoming objections and have the resilience to make every offer on every call, even if callers decline.

You can make this opportunity a good source of income if  are obsessed with succeeding at sales from home and have personal goals that you challenge yourself to meet.

To help you out LiveOps offers full training – you will have access to their free, award-winning certification courses designed to help you learn about the variety of great products and services that you can represent. That way you will be confident and prepared to reach your work-from-home sales goals.


Earning potential

You earn money for time spent talking on the phone and may also receive performance-based pay, commissions, or incentives.

Some of LiveOps’ clients pay a talk-time rate, generally $0.20 or $0.25 cents per minute of talk time;  many offer per order payment incentives (POP’s), and some programs pay entirely on commission.  Many clients offer sales incentives that can allow high-performing agents to dramatically increase revenue for their home business.

Calls are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Peak call volume occurs Saturday and Sunday between 4:00 AM and 3:00 PM EST.

You make your own schedule by self-scheduling to take calls in 30 minute blocks. You can self-schedule to commit to specified time blocks that work best for you.


Phone And Computer Requirements

Here are a few things that you need in order to start working online from home with LiveOps:

  • Corded landline phone
  • Corded headset
  • A Decent Personal Computer or A Laptop
  • High-Speed internet access

Please note that you do not need to own/purchase any equipment before you apply.

How To Apply
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