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If you love learning new things, and want a creative, flexible, work-from-home position with minimal supervision, Writer-Editor for FabJob may be your dream career., named “the # 1 place to get published online” by Writer’s Digest, is seeking a Writer-Editor for book-length manuscripts on how to get started in a variety of dream careers. This is a contract position, which may be half-time or close to full-time, paying $20 per hour.

The right person for this position is someone who will “do their homework” about FabJob, but here’s a bit of information to help you decide whether you want to learn more about us…

FabJob guides have been used as textbooks for more than a decade, and you can find them in the career centers and library collections of many respected colleges and universities – from the University of Texas to the Fashion Institute of Technology. We now use these textbooks in online certificate courses offered through our sister college, International Association of Professions Career College (IAP Career College) at

At FabJob we focus on popular and highly competitive careers. These are careers a lot of people would love to have! (We know because we’ve sold almost a half million FabJob guides since we started.) We aim to give our readers and career college students the competitive edge to help them get started and succeed in their chosen dream career.

Some FabJob guides help readers get started in a dream career that lets them work from home when not working with clients. For example, we offer career guides that help readers learn how to become an Event Planner, Image Consultant, Interior Decorator, Life Coach, Makeup Artist, Motivational Speaker, Professional Organizer, and other dream careers that let them work from home.

Other FabJob guides give readers valuable information for starting a dream brick-and-mortar business, such as an Art Gallery, Boutique, Bridal Salon, Brewery, Coffee House, Dance Studio, Spa, Wine Shop, or Yoga Studio, among others.

A FabJob guide can save a reader many hours of research, help them avoid some costly mistakes, and give them the information they need to get started and succeed in their dream career. As Writer-Editor of FabJob guides, you would make this happen.

Since FabJob was founded 15 years ago, we have learned that people who buy our guides may be new to a particular career, but most are not new to the Internet. In fact, many are sophisticated Internet users. If they are looking for career or business information, we can assume they have already been to websites that offer free information, and want more.

Readers don’t want to know only WHAT to do; they want to know HOW to do it. So our guides give them concrete, practical advice. For example, when giving advice on setting fees, we don’t recommend readers “phone around to find out what other businesses in your community are charging.” Readers do not want to phone around; they want us to give them specific guidelines about how much they should charge.

Our guides are created by people who love their work. In addition to offering up-to-date information that provides value to readers, our guides are written in a tone that is positive, inclusive, and encouraging. We want our readers to feel uplifted, as if a friend were saying, “You can do it! Here are some ways to get started . . .”

Dream Candidate

Our “dream” candidate for this dream career has many wonderful qualities. We would love it if you have all of the following, but encourage talented people to apply even if you don’t have everything on our wish list.

  • Higher education in a relevant discipline (please indicate your GPA in your application)
  • Experience with editing non-fiction (ideally books over 50,000 words)
  • Skilled at structural editing
  • Love of learning and learns quickly
  • A positive “can do” attitude
  • Is not a perfectionist but always strives for excellence
  • Works quickly to meet deadlines
  • Works well with minimal supervision and direction
  • Reads and follows instructions when needed
  • “Goes the extra mile”
  • Understands and respects copyrights (gets permission to use material written by someone else)
  • Empathy for readers and learners
  • Exceptional research skills using both primary and secondary sources
  • Skilled at communicating how-to information (can describe not only WHAT to do; but HOW to do it)
  • Writes in a conversational style in plain English (this position requires Native English)


  • Earn extra income: Earn $2,400 or more per month. Set your own rates and work as much or as little as you want.
  • Flexible hours: You get to make your own schedule. Book one-time or recurring walks, directly on
  • Support: Rover’s 24/7 support team is always ready to help. In addition, every stay booked through Rover includes premium insurance.


  • At least 18 years of age
  • Reliable internet access at home or via mobile device
  • Verifiable phone number (landline or mobile)
  • Experience caring for or interacting with animals
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • At least one (1) testimonial or reference

How To Apply

please submit your resume and tailored cover letter, following the instructions on our jobs page at

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