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Mobile Nations is looking for someone who is totally obsessed with all things fitness, with their finger on the pulse of current health trends, to join our team!

What kind of work is this?

As our lead contributor for Health and Fitness, your tasks will include:

* Research to identify the most popular products being used today

* Performing analysis and comparison of these products

* Executing on our editorial strategy using your knowledge, research, and experience

* Helping our readers determine the best products and services for improving their lives

We want someone who lives for the latest gear from the best companies, and can explain in detail why some health programs actually make you healthier while others are more about grabbing your cash.

Is this the assignment for me?

This position is designed for someone who prides themselves on knowing about the latest trends before they emerge, someone who can talk at length about which clothing lines do more than just look the part. But it’s more than just clothes and diet trends, the best person for this assignment will also be able to talk about whether it’s worth it to get a “connected” jump rope that pairs to your phone and helps pick out the best footwear for cyclists vs runners. You need to already have a lot of experience with these concepts, and be able to quickly research to fill in any knowledge gaps you may have.

You’re also going to be doing a lot of writing in a competitive environment, so being able to demonstrate you can quickly assemble your thoughts is a fantastic tool to have.

How much work is available?

We’re looking for someone willing to contribute long term, covering a wide assortment of products and accessories and discussing how they interact over time. This will include creating new content and maintaining it over time so it remains relevant to our audience. While there is no upper threshold on how many articles can be submitted, we do ask applicants commit to a minimum of three articles submitted per week for this particular assignment.

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