Job Category: House & Family, Mental Therapy

Location: United States

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The Parenting Special Needs Children Experts should help parents and caretakers of special needs children manage the complex issues they face and solve common problems. The site should help them to find out what to do when their child is first diagnosed, how to deal with education, and how it will affect their lives and how to cope. The site should also define different educational and medical terms that parents will encounter. Some of the content we expect the site to cover includes:

  • What to do when your child is first diagnosed with XXX (physical disability, mental disability, combination, specific conditions)
  • How to research and find more information on conditions
  • Where to find support
  • Top questions to ask the doctor
  • How to choose / evaluate a PT / OT / speech therapist / specialist
  • How to discuss / address your child’s condition with family, friends, strangers
  • ADD/ADHD issues; other specific conditions issues
  • Family Issues and your special needs child: Sibling rivalries and other sibling issues, how to deal with extended family; how it might affect your marriage, etc.
  • What’s an IEP? What’s an ISSP?
  • How to understand IEPs
  • How to get services for child at 0-3, 3-5, 5-21
  • How to be an advocate, how to get an advocate.
  • How to deal with older special needs children
  • What to look for in schools
  • Who should be evaluating your child?
  • How to get equipment / What equipment will my child need?
  • How does it all get paid for? Financial Issues
  • Long term planning / independent living
  • Assistive technology & special needs
  • Adopting / Fostering special needs children
  • Legal issues
  • What are sheltered workshops?
  • Working, social life after 21
  • Special needs camps / respite care
  • After-school programs

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