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$18 to $26 per hour


Work with our Director of Marketing to launch scrappy new projects and initiatives.

* Optimize SEO, run AB tests, setup microsites, write email funnels and guest posts – something new every day.

* Automate things with Zapier, massively upgrade our Mailchimp efforts, and use many other web-based services.

* Create new ad campaigns and measure/report the results.

* This starts as a part-time contract position with 10-25 hours per week, and potential to grow to full time role


* Graphic design ability

* Video editing ability

* Ability to write copy for emails, ads, blogs, etc. Nearly perfect written English skills and amazingly awesome spoken English skills.

* Bonus: Ability to design and create new websites (or edit existing websites) utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress

* High quality work: You are an efficient individual who makes projects happen behind the scenes with a fine eye for details. (In short: You get sh*t done.)

* Resourceful and have intuition for accomplishing tasks without too much explanation.

* Be fun and exciting without using too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

* We are willing to train you up on our marketing tools and techniques, but you should have a personal website and some social media accounts to show us that you’re savvy already.

* Flexibility quotient high: Things can and do change on a dime around here – you gotta go with the flow, and be ready to kick it into high gear at a moment’s notice.

* Note: the best applicants will show they have both the skills and drive to push forward multiple projects at once.

* Based in USA or Canada. This is NOT a job for digital nomads, though we envy you.

* Able to work Eastern USA timezone hours, preferably based in Eastern USA timezone (or an early riser elsewhere).


This starts as a part-time position for 2-6 hours per day. You should be available to work a flexible amount of hours in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00), 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday with an hour or two per day on the weekends (flexible time). If you consistently deliver great work, we can provide up to 30 hours of work per week of contract work, or consider you for a full-time position.


$18 to $26 per hour, depending on experience.


To be considered for this position, your cover letter should:

* Be written sorta in our Museum Hack voice, aka none of this “To whom it may concern:”

* Include three facts about our Director of Marketing

* BONUS POINTS: A link to a website you created, ideally on WordPress.

* MEGA BONUS POINTS but totally optional: A link to a Google Doc that includes screenshots of one page on with suggestions on how you would improve it


* Many people on our team are remote and work from home.

* Most of our staff stay with the company for years, and move up to do really exciting things with us.

* The remote team occasionally receive performance-based rewards and incentives.

* Our company is GROWING! We are an innovative arts-based business in New York City. Find out more about us by watching our CEO Nick’s TEDx talk.

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