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* If you are looking for transcription employment, or to become an independent contractor – then look to us. Transcription Outsourcing, LLC provides quality transcription services to our customers in a variety of different fields, all across the United States. We are always looking for skilled, committed, experienced and professional transcriptionists to add to our growing team.

* We offer transcription employment and independent contractor positions for those who focus on excellence in their work and will maintain high-quality service for our customers.

* We currently have transcription employment opportunities available on our law enforcement transcription team, medical transcription team, financial transcription team, legal and general transcription teams, each with different specialties and branches.

Please understand that due to volume and time constraints we are not able to reply to every inquiry we receive, even though we would like to. Qualified candidates that we feel will be the best fit for Transcription Outsourcing, LLC and our customers will be contacted directly by our office.

Please note, we DO NOT accept calls about submitted applications.

If you are interested transcription employment and in joining our team and learning about the different transcription opportunities we provide just simply fill out the form below. We look forward to meeting you!

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