Job Category: Writer

Location: Work from anywhere (Global)


We’re seeking freelance and part-time news writers with a love of consumer tech and gadgetry. This is a fast-paced gig where you’ll find and write 3-5 news stories every day — some of which will be assigned, as some of which you’ll pitch to the editors. If we’re satisfied with your work, it could develop into a consistent, long-term working relationship with many opportunities down the road.

If hired, you will be expected to write multiple news articles in the 300-500 word range each weekday. Subjects include hot new devices, trending topics, technology breakthroughs, viral videos, rumors, and pretty much anything else fun or entertaining. This position is paid on an invoice basis, 1099, contract, and is NOT paid on W2.

More specifically, we’re looking for somebody to help out with the Cool Tech section. This section covers everything from science and engineering breakthroughs, to agriculture and renewable energy, to 3D printed prosthetic limbs that were made in space by a team of robots. Our ideal writer has previous writing experience in, and an enthusiasm for, at least one of these topics.

Broad knowledge of the current tech landscape is a must, and if you don’t know how to use WordPress, you’ll need to learn fast. In time, a solid candidate may also earn the option to write occasional feature posts, do live reporting, review products, and contribute regular articles / columns based on hot topics.

The ideal candidate already has considerable experience writing online tech news, time each day to write 3-5 stories, knows how to fact check, and can dive right into creating publishable content. If you aren’t self-driven and constantly motivated to start new projects, this probably isn’t the right gig for you.
Compensation is per post, and negotiable based on experience. To apply, please include a cover letter explaining your background, areas of interest, your availability, a resume, and three published clips (links are fine, include a LinkedIn), or a link to your portfolio.

In lieu of published clips, you may also choose to complete the following assignment: Explain how to play the card game “Hearts” to a person who has never played it before. Be as clear and concise as possible, and use effective formatting and organization techniques to aid comprehension.

Salary: $25.00 /hour

Required experience:

  • Online Tech News writing: 1 year

How To Apply

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