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Wordfence is responsible for securing over 1 Million active WordPress websites. We are the most popular security product for WordPress publishers by a significant margin.

We are looking for a part ­time contractor to help support our customerWordPress Security Plugins on the forums. Hours are flexible and this is a remote working position. You will assist customers who have problems using Wordfence or problems with WordPress that relate to Wordfence. You can see examples of the kinds of questions you will provide support for on our forums.

General requirements:

  • You must have excellent knowledge of WordPress at an administrative level.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • You must work well in a team.
  • You must be nimble, be able to come up with creative solutions to challenging problems and must have a mature approach to problem solving.
  • Attention to detail.
  • You must have the ability to patiently guide a customer through solving a problem, even if they are having a bad day.

We are a small, fast moving and fast growing company with a loyal customer base who love our products and services. We have the highest star rating for any WordPress plugin in history and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent product with great customer service that helps secure small and large production websites.

If you’re passionate about information security and would like to help secure the web, this is your dream job. We have a friendly, highly capable team with a sense of humor who move fast. We take our team’s family time seriously and don’t ask you to work long hours if we can avoid it (we almost always can). Our entire team works remotely using Slack for casual interaction ­so you can live anywhere in the World as long as you have an Internet connection.

Wordfence is high growth, but we are not a startup. The company is still controlled by the founders, we are profitable and have been for several years. So you will enjoy the rush of high growth but you won’t have to risk working for a company that is controlled by venture capitalists or may not be here tomorrow.


At Wordfence, ‘trust’ is the attribute we value most highly among our team members. We need to know that you can grab a task, communicate clearly with our customers and see the task to completion with excellent attention to detail.

We don’t micro­manage and we trust that you will be able to see tasks through to completion and communicate with your fellow team members when needed or ask for help when you need it. You will be working for a company that has code protecting over 1 million production websites. It is a fast paced real­time environment with new challenges daily.

The specific requirements for this role are:

  • Excellent knowledge of WordPress
  • Knowledge of our product and how it works including having read our documentation.
  • Good knowledge of information security. Visit our learning center for more info.
  • Ability to patiently guide customers through solving a problem, even if the customer is having a bad day.
  • Experience on the forums, an understanding of how they work and an understanding of the WordPress community.


  • Remote working position with flexible hours.
  • Work from 5 hours to 20 hours each week as your schedule permits.

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