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Web surfing, Filling out offer forms


Depending on the difficulty of the data entry of the offer forms required, you will get paid anywhere from .50 cents to $25.00 per form. You are paid monthly via check or

In addition to paying you for the offer forms you fill out. We will also pay you for anyone else you introduce to our company who ends up signing up with Fusion cash and fills out offers forms as well. So you will get paid twice for referrals. Once just for having people sign up for a free account with Fusion Cash and another when they complete an offer form. Please note this is purely optional and not required!








You must have access to the Internet. You must have a valid email Address. You must sign up for an free account with Fusion Cash so they can track your work and provide you the offer forms and their pay rates.


As a Fusion Cash affiliate you set your own hours and determine how much money you would like to earn per day. This is based on the amount and type of offer forms you fill out and not by your hours. You decide what type of offers you would like to fill out! So this is a very flexible opportunity and the work can be done anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

In addition to filling out offer forms, Fusion Cash provides other OPTIONAL ways to earn with their company including:

  • Surveys
  • Online Tasks
  • Reading Emails
  • Watching Video
  • Listening To Radio

All of these are purely OPTIONAL! You can pick what ways you would like to work with us and ignore the others once you sign up and logged in..

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