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Overview, the leading platform for ranking just about everything, is looking for a passionate remote fact checker to review pop culture and historical content. The job is a contract, remote role; hours are flexible.

You must have a passion for all-things pop culture and love organizing ideas and data. You have both general and in-depth knowledge of a wide array of topics and have a fast-thinking mind. You can go relatively deep on topics and can snuff out inaccuracies or spot something that doesn’t fit on a list.

Responsibilities Include:

* Ensure all content is accurate (e.g. proper names, dates, hyperlinks, sources).

* Primary responsibility will be checking in-depth, long-form digital stories for factual accuracy.

* Verify all content is not plagiarized and includes credible and accurate sourcing.

* Potentially review and lightly edit copy in the case of sensational claims, biased tone, or inconsistencies with Ranker’s voice.

* May also review and verify image accuracy, ensuring images selected relate to the subject matter of the stories.

Qualifications of the Ideal Candidate:

* Minimum of 2 years in-depth, fact-checking experience required.

* Well-versed in a variety of subjects and topic matter, including history, lifestyle, and entertainment.

* Commitment to accuracy.

* Rigorous attention to detail.

* Persistence and resourcefulness in tracking down information/sources.

* The ability to work independently.

* Confident and self-possessed in communicating difficult issues.

* Achieve high volume daily review goals and meet time-sensitive deadlines.

* A flexible schedule.

About Ranker: is a new form of entertainment publisher with a unique crowd-sourced element. Our editors publish ranked lists on topics as broad as the best movies of all time to things as specific as the best Dungeons & Dragons podcasts. Our readers vote, add to, and re-rank the stories as they see fit.

Founded in 2009, the company made a number of breakthroughs in the last 18 months which has led to explosive growth. Ranker now reaches over 50MM unique people worldwide, spending on average five minutes per visit, making Ranker the third-largest entertainment site.

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