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$5 per video. Vidoes are 8 to 12 minutes long.



We hate doing useless things and we feel test prep and application fraud is a colossal waste of time and money. For the past four years, we’ve persuaded North American institutions to reconsider the way they evaluate applicants and now we are the most widely required video interview in North America. The Vericant Behavioral Interview provides applicants a platform to shine, while the Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) provides an indicator of language ability. Together, they are a fast, effective way for admission officers to evaluate their applicants. We’re welcoming a ton of new universities this year, and we need the best raters and reviewers to ensure continued quality of our service.


  • Rate spoken English ability according to Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) standards
  • Complete training & maintain a high level of accuracy in applying SEE standards
  • Adhere to Vericant’s client-facing communications policy
  • Maintain professionalism in scheduling and communicating with remote manager
  • Work ~5-20 hours / week between Monday and Friday during the months of September & April

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