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Duolingo is looking for an experienced English language instructor who either (1) is a native speaker of Russian or (2) is a native speaker of English, but has extensive experience teaching English to speakers of Russian. If you know how to design English language curricula and different types of language exercises, and you have some linguistic training, this position is perfect for you. This is a temporary freelance position (no benefits included). All work will be conducted remotely.


* Help create pedagogical content aimed at teaching English to native speakers of Russian

* Help create English language assessments to measure how Duolingo users learn


* MA in teaching English as a second language, applied linguistics, linguistics, second language acquisition, or a related field

* Native fluency in Russian and/or experience teaching English to speakers of Russian

* Experience creating language learning material/curricula

* Basic computer skills (Google docs, spreadsheets)

* Ability to work at least 15 hours a week

* Excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills

Exceptional candidates will have:

* Extensive linguistic training

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