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UnboundEd is a new, national non-profit organization dedicated to learning and growth for K-12 educators comprised of former classroom teachers, curriculum writers, school leaders, and program managers. We provide free, standards-aligned curricula in ELA and math as well as professional learning resources and opportunities. Our vision is that students at all levels and of all backgrounds gain the support they need to realize their full potential and meet the challenge of higher standards.

Residency Overview

We are committed to increasing the diversity of “Standards experts” in the United States and are excited to announce a new, national, two-year residency program. The purposes of this program are to:

* Recruit and develop educators of color who are interested in playing a lead role in Standards work nationally

* Intentionally diversify the national talent pool in Standards work

* Intentionally foster Standards leadership qualities in a diverse pool of content experts

* Directly meet the need for a more diverse group of experts to lead the work around standards implementation and to more fully address issues of equity and access for children of color in the course of implementing higher standards.

* As full-time members of our content team, residents will work under the guidance of our team leaders to develop their own expertise in higher standards while supporting product development efforts built around these higher standards. At the conclusion of the program, participants will be able to return to the job market with nationally-recognized skills, knowledge and experiences that they can leverage to influence change for children. The program includes full-time salary and benefits, on the job coaching and mentoring, and general leadership professional development.

At the conclusion of your Residency, you will receive career planning support, networking assistance, and endorsement from UnboundEd Chief Academic Officer and Managing Partners. It is our intention and assumption that at that time you will be prepared for an impactful role in our or another organization or system focused on Standards implementation.


* Contribute to K-12 ELA content projects, including development of ELA adult learning resources that support teacher practice and Teacher2Teacher online community; participate in cycles of review on contributions of self and other team members.

* Contribute to the organization of the best available ELA OER materials by tagging and sequencing digital curriculum according to specific criteria in order to provide targeted access and adaptation; participate in cycles of review on contributions of self and other team members.

* Contribute to creating and evaluating a wide range of ELA professional development content for P-5 educators, including teachers, coaches, and leaders; participate in cycles of review on content contributions of self and other team members.

* Lead and supervise professional development experiences for educators, including teachers, coaches, and leaders.
Provide site-based support for schools and organizational partners through classroom observations and other PD experiences.

Required Skills and Characteristics:

* Mission Alignment: Belief in our mission and strategy for helping fellow educators help their students to achieve learning goals set by higher standards.

* Culture Fit: Motivated by an entrepreneurial, fast-paced, highly-collaborative team environment.

* Strategic Thinking: Curiosity to solve complex problems and ability to think boldly to maximize new opportunities using a data-driven approach.

* Avid Learning: Adaptive to feedback and focused on continuous improvement. Demonstrated ability to provide critical feedback and to analyze feedback in order to inform content curation and professional development.

* Collaboration: Demonstrated ability to work with adults and adult learners. Demonstrated ability to be self-directed and solutions-oriented.

* Clear and Open Communication: Excellent organization, and oral and written communication skills. Ability to consider multiple perspectives, synthesize information and draw conclusions in service of supporting student improvement. Experience with technical writing and strong presentation skills, as well ability to conduct training sessions a strong plus.

* Influencing Others: Communicate persuasively the research basis for Common Core State Standards for ELA/Literacy

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