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Educational, Academic, Research, Writing

Pay: TBD


Wordvice, an international English editing company, is seeking academic professionals with experience in areas of research writing (and/or experience recording and producing educational content) and publishing to create short (5-15 min) videos on a variety of academic topics such as research writing, manuscript preparation, academic grammar and formatting style, the journal submission and publishing process, and more. We are also seeking experienced vloggers to record videos about the college and university admissions process or their personal admissions experiences, successes, and strategies.


  • Create and produce academic and admissions videos from a list of potential topics we provide
  • Wordvice can provide outlines/scripts if necessary, or you can design your own video content
  • Record quality audio and video using your own equipment
  • Edit your videos (basic editing—we can add watermark, background music, additional logos, etc.)
  • Include any needed graphics, slides, or annotations using your video editing program


  • Basic Qualifications
  • Native or near-native English level
  • Previous experience making educational or related video content (sharing a link to any videos you have created would be very helpful
  • Some level of qualifications in talking about writing issues
  • Education :
  1. Academic Videos : Master’s degree or higher
  2. Admissions videos : Bachelor’s degree or higher or admission into a prestigious institution

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience making quality videos and/or qualifications and experience in academic/admissions fields
  • Candidates will ideally have the following experience/positions :
  1. Academic content : university professors, researchers, graduate and doctoral students, journal editors, and other academic experts with related experience lecturing/writing about research writing or the journal submissions processx
  2. Admissions content : students who have experience entering a prestigious college or university (sharing their stories/techniques about writing application essays), faculty or admissions staff at colleges and universities, vloggers with a large following on YouTube or other channels

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