Job Category: Educational Mentor

Location: Work from anywhere (Global)


Job Description

Our EM team works closely with learners before, during, and after course enrollment, to increase retention, course completion, and successful outcomes, by guiding learners through their studies. The primary objectives of the EM role are simple: engagement and retention! EMs are responsible for monitoring and reporting learner course progress, as well as engaging learners throughout the duration of, and after completing, their course(s). EMs display resourcefulness, creativity, and initiative, building a rapport with learners, and meeting their expectations as a mentor.

This position is 100% remote, and as such the EM must be a Superstar Self-Starter, Master of Time Management, Titan of Task Prioritizing, and Composer of Communication (both internally, and especially externally). Our organization is seeking someone who isn’t intimidated, and can function within a high volume, and fast paced environment.

This is a permanent part time position but may be required to work up to 40 hours from July-October in order to cover a co-worker out on maternity leave (dates will depend on that co-workers absence).

If you believe you are a good fit, we encourage you to apply!

Educational Mentor Responsibilities:

 Lead initial engagement and re-engagement efforts, utilizing various online or offline communication methods.

 Proactively schedule communication, and manage touchpoints, with enrolled students via email, phone, live chat, and text as determined by the Manager of Career Services, to ensure engagement.

 Participate in regular monitoring of student progress – accessing information directly, within the Learning Management System (LMS), or through requests from vendors.

 Assisting learners to identify and overcome challenges, in order to increase course completion, certification achievement, and job/externship placement (when applicable).

 Introducing and coordinating externship, apprenticeship, certification exam registration, or job placement (if applicable) opportunities with assigned learners.

 Monitoring live chat, distributing chat user information to the applicable department.  Chat includes registered and non-registered chat users.

 Preparing reports, updates, re-caps, etc. of learner activity.

 Other duties as assigned.

Skill set

Great communication skills (verbal and written), ability to work remote without direct supervision, advanced skills in operating a computer and Microsoft Office.

How To Apply

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