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Admin, Operations

Pay: TBD


Great opportunity for part-time remote work! Overlap with our team (Timezone: EST) is critical so US applicants are preferred.


  • Our customers are insurance companies — and they create a lot of documents (quotes, policies, invoices, certificates, etc) and believe or not, a lot of the time, these documents are created manually.
  • Our platform makes it easy for these companies to automate the creation of these documents (among a lot of other nifty things).
  • In order to automate these documents, we create templates — basically any situation/condition can be accounted for in the template, so when it’s generated, it pops out perfectly custom for that person. Think like “mail merge” on steroids but add more magic.
  • We’ve grown a bit in the past year and now our team needs help creating and maintaining these templates so we can continue to grow the platform.
  • Also, being a small company, we certainly don’t have a shortage of other types of projects you could help us with!


  • Microsoft Word — You should be a BEAST in Word. Tables, margins, weird indentations and other print related tricks are your jam, and nothing in Word really scares you… unless we’re talking about that time you thought you were Word; in which case you might be our kind of weird, keep reading.
  • Love Logic Problems — You love logic. If this, then that? A huge plus if you ever done some light programming or aspire to learn more. Looking at computer syntaxes and code doesn’t scare you — no, for you that’s a warm feeling right there.
  • Attention to Detail — it drives you crazy when things aren’t right, out of place or the formatting is ‘janky’ (hey, that’s a technical term!)
  • Self Starting, Strong Communicator — we are a fully remote team and expect everyone on the team to have great communication skills. You’ll be relied upon to deliver on a really important part of the product which will require team collaboration.
  • Desire to Learn — We’ll be teaching you WebMerge, JSON, version control and some development skills. If you have any of this coming in the door, that’s a plus, let us know!


We expect this to be a part-time gig at market rate (hourly, contractor) to start. Some weeks might be 30 hours, others maybe only 5 hours. But as things continue to move forward, we’re all hoping this increases.

Company – PolicyFly

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