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Location: Work from anywhere (Global)


Competitive Compensation


Want to have fun working on cool direct marketing projects from the comfort of your own home?

Eager to join a team of high-performing, yet humble people that simply get things done?

Ready to be part of something that makes a clear, fast, measurable improvement in people’s lives?

Excited to ride the wave of a rapidly growing $250 billion+ industry that’s full of exciting challenges?

If so, we’d love you to read on to see the exciting things we’re working on and how you can help:

Who We Are:

We, Natural Health Sherpa (, create innovative products that optimize people’s metabolism so they can enjoy more energy, feel great, and enjoy life. Frustratingly, the world is setup to encourage sickness vs. health, so our products are designed to make healthy living super-easy.

We’re an 8-figure company that’s been profitable since day one of our founding in 2010. We’re in a hyper-growth phase, on track to more than double in 2016. We’re riding the $250+ billion annual tidal wave of demand for natural health products. It is an extremely exciting time to be doing what we are doing.

Our nutrition courses and exercise videos are designed to deliver the most results in the least time. For example, our exercise videos deliver the same or better benefits in just 15 minutes, 3 times a week than do traditional exercise programs that require 60 minutes, 5 times a week. Yes, really.

You can see an example of one of our exercise products at as our e-commerce happens on product-specific websites.

We also formulate state-of-the-art nutritional supplements and functional foods that provide the nutrients that fuel a healthy metabolism, generating the energy you need to consistently perform at your peak. For example, instead of taking weeks to notice a difference, it takes just days to feel better.

We practice what we preach: our company is designed so everyone on our team both enjoys their work challenges while having plenty of time to do what they love to do the most in their life. We recruit only high-performing, humble people who produce in fast cycles, hold themselves accountable, and have fun.
Who We Need:

We’re looking for a talented, detail-oriented, fast-learning direct response marketing assistant to help organize our media buying / advertising activities. This will be between 15 – 25 hours a week, sometimes less, sometimes more and could potentially grow into a full-time position.

We have a number of high-volume media buying campaigns running with several different advertising partners, and we need to help consolidate our assets, setup centralized tracking and generally make everything easy to see the results of in a single spot. We also have a number of ad hoc marketing projects that sprout up on an almost weekly basis for which we need someone talented to jump on and complete.

The position requires extreme attention to detail, the ability to process information quickly, extremely good spreadsheet, math and analytical skills along with top-not organizational and project management abilities.


What You’ll be Doing:

  • Ad Spend Tracking – Load each day’s ad spend into our centralized data warehouse. For example, log into Facebook, Google, Taboola, etc. and see how much was spent the previous day and load that into our own system, which will then automatically calculate ROI. Because this is a manual process, it requires extreme attention to detail so as to not make any copying errors.
  • Organize Creative Assets – Consolidate our disparate creative assets into a single place on our file server, keeping track of what our partners are testing and setting up detailed naming conventions and folders so that everything makes sense.
  • Funnel Setup Documentation – Ensure the documentation for each of our funnels is completed correctly, coordinating with our tech and email departments as necessary to fill in the appropriate detail.
  • Run and Analyze Reports – Run key executive-level reports daily and inspect for trends, highlighting anything of significance, elevating issues you spot to senior management
  • Ad Hoc Project Management – From time to time assist in managing marketing-related projects, coordinating various resources, communication and assets as necessary to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.


What the Ideal Candidate Looks Like:

  • 5 – 10 years of hands-on direct response marketing experience with broad exposure to various systems including e-commerce, email delivery, fulfillment, analytics and other related systems.
  • We work in a fast-paced environment that requires someone pick up things EXTREMELY fast, yet also have METICULOUS attention to detail to ensure i’s dotted and t’s crossed.
  • This also requires someone who is an integrative thinker and problem solver, who can see the whole project from various angles and attack it the best way.
  • Excellent communicator with top-notch organizational and project management skills while being very comfortable with numbers, working in Excel, etc.
  • We prefer someone on the Eastern time zone that’s where the majority of us live and it makes coordination easier, although the Central time zone is okay.


What You’ll Enjoy from Us:

  • A highly competitive compensation that respects the fact that you are a needle in a haystack, a true high-performer that any company would die to have on their team.
  • A very supportive team and culture of other high-performers who like to get things done, hold themselves accountable and help each other out wherever possible.
  • A fantastic lifestyle that allows you to work from home, have flexible hours when needed with ability to carve out time to do what you love.

If this sounds like a good fit, if you’re excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply – we can’t wait to meet you!

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