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Databox, a software company that helps other companies monitor, report, and improve their business performance, is looking for a freelance digital content writer to work with our marketing team to help write, edit, and publish our series of original reports.

For the right candidate, this could turn into a full-time content marketing position.

The ideal candidate has professional writing, marketing, and analytics experience. Preference for those with experience in the Marketing SaaS (software as a service) space or journalists with experience covering marketing technology or related subjects. Above all, we’re looking for someone who loves to write and report facts and stories. Someone who may even carry a journal around full of handwritten notes and ideas.

Every month, the marketing team at Databox creates 12 new expert roundup posts and subsequently polls our audience of 1,000+ respondents for answers to marketing and technology-related questions. You will be responsible for converting the results of these 12 posts into long-form reports every month, including laying out and proofreading the responses in WordPress, writing the introductions and conclusions, and copy editing the final post before publication.

Some of these posts will be published via some of our partnerships with other technology companies, providing you the opportunity to receive bylines across several domains.


* Write 1-2 posts a week.

* Ability to distill dozens of qualitative responses into a central theme for each post.

* Proofread and make necessary edits to survey responses.

* Layout the responses in WordPress.

The best candidates will excel at:

* Above all else–writing. You love to write. You love to tell stories and have a knack for turning qualitative and/or quantitative responses into an interesting narrative. You may even carry a journal around full of handwritten notes and ideas.

* Hitting deadlines. Our publishing cadence will continue to play a big role in our team hitting its traffic and lead goals.

* Learning new technology. You’ll be using tools like Survey Monkey, WordPress, and Google Sheets to start. The ability to leverage these tools to stay efficient will be important.

Additional Requirements

* Professional writing experience. (Preference for marketers with experience in SaaS, or journalists/reporters with a background covering technology.)

* Strong grammatical and copy editing skills.

* Experience with WordPress (publishing, layout, etc.)

* Experience with Google Sheets is a plus.

* Experience working in and/or covering technology or SaaS is a plus.

* SEO experience is a plus.


Pay is negotiable. Since our team and customer base is international, this is an opportunity to work with people all over the world. You’ll gain invaluable experience, make connections, have fun and have other growth opportunities that are difficult to find.

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