Job Category:
Data Entry, Proofreading, Entertainment & Media, Film, Writing


$12 – $15/Hour


Metaforce, a division of Crawford Media Services, is a distributed workforce of media professionals offering a unique suite of high-value digital content services to support a multitude of archive projects. Our online metadata tagging platform delivers metadata entry and clip selection to enhance the value of digital content for better search.

Digital Cataloguers are highly skilled, efficient, and produce accurate work, in a high volume, metric driven environment. We’re looking for smart people who value their ability to work remotely and enjoy writing, research, and proof-reading, and can focus on the task at hand.

This is a contract position paid by a 1099. Contractors must be available to work between 15-20 hours per week and meet Quality Control as well as speed standards.

Requirement and Qualifications:

As a remote position, contractors must use a personal and reliable, up to date computer that MUST be running the most recent version of Google Chrome. A very fast Internet connection is also required. Crawford Media Services does not supply any equipment or other reimbursements.

Metadata Entry

1. Descriptive cataloging experience and/or tagging expertise preferred
2. Exhibit professionalism, and embrace the purpose and intent of the project
3. Ability to synthesize dynamic client-specific metadata writing standards
4. Copy editing skills required

Remote Work Requirements

1. Remote working experience and/or an ability to perform independently, take initiative, anticipate project needs, and be a quick study
2. Ability to problem solve and interpret standards in the spirit of the overall project guidelines as inevitable challenges arise
3. Curious-minded by being enthusiastic, asking questions, providing feedback
4. Reliable in follow through on all communications in real-time, the timely completion project expectations, and the commitment to contractor’s proposed schedule
5. Teachable in being open to learning, responsive to feedback, and follow directions
6. Clear communicator in a virtual workspace with integrity and conciseness

Content Orientation

1. Familiarity with, and/or an ability to identify popular culture content: musical performers, celebrities, events, and politicians, as well as cities, architecture, cars, fashion, animals
2. Ability to quickly translate visual content into a precise written format based on client standards and requirements
3. Strong research skills

How to Apply

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