Job Category:

Data Entry, Proofreading, Entertainment & Media, Film, Writing


$12 – $15/Hour


Metaforce, a division of Crawford Media Services, uses a proprietary, customized metadata tagging platform and a skilled distributed workforce of digital catalogers to enhance the search and retrieval of digital video content.

The company is seeking digital catalogers who are independent contractors. Ideal candidates can work independently, value their ability to work remotely, enjoy writing, research, and proofreading, and can provide digital cataloging services efficiently and meticulously while adhering to time-sensitive deadlines and satisfying the company’s quality control standards.

Required Equipment:

Each digital cataloger is required to use her or his own personal and reliable up-to-date computer that MUST be running the most recent version of Google Chrome. The computer must have a 64-bit operating system, and 8 Gigs of RAM.

A fast and reliable internet connection is also required. The minimum is 25 megabits per second on download speed. Check your speed here:


The company is looking for digital catalogers possessing the following skills and attributes:

Descriptive metadata cataloging and/or metadata tagging expertise a significant plus (preferred but not required);

* Experience working remotely or demonstrate the ability to work remotely

* Adept at problem solving

* Enjoy inputting, proofing and editing written data

* Superior writing and grammatical skills

* Confront project challenges in a timely, professional manner

* Demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm for the project assigned

* Communicate clearly, timely and respectfully

* Intellectually curious

* Unafraid to ask questions and/or provide feedback

* Capable of quickly learning new concepts and efficiently incorporating those concepts into assigned projects

* The ability to synthesize quickly client-specific metadata writing standards with company’s and client’s metadata writing parameters

* Strong research skills

* Can be relied upon to act with integrity; i.e., honor any project work schedule contractor has committed to, refuse work assignments when contractor has other commitments precluding contractor from completing an assignment within the time frame established by the company, and only bill the company for time actively working on the project

* Commitment to follow through on all communications in real-time (by reading and responding to email promptly) and complete assignments by deadline;

* Adherence to directions and open to accepting feedback

* Applicants should be available to work up to 20 hours per week.

* All contractors must have a valid social security number issued by the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Contracted Services

Individuals engaged to perform digital cataloging services are independent contractors. Contractors do not receive health insurance, retirement benefits, vacation, sick pay, or any other benefits and are responsible for paying any income, social security or other taxes attributable to income earned while performing services for the company. A 1099 is sent to the IRS and to contractors by February 1st, indicating income paid per calendar year.

Please note: Crawford Media Services does not supply any equipment required to perform the cataloging services and does not reimburse catalogers for any expenses or other costs a cataloger may incur to perform services for the Company.

How to Apply

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