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Adbeat is competitive intelligence software that reveals the display advertising strategy for any advertiser. Our software helps advertisers spend smarter and boost campaign ROI.

We’ve already got a well-respected blog full of great tips for digital media buyers and marketers.

(Check out or blog at to see a few examples.)

However, we want to hire one or two more awesome freelance writers who have written about digital marketing/advertising in the past.

Specifically, we’re looking for long-form blog posts (750 – 2500 words) that our readers will find valuable and want to share.

We’re looking for content similar to posts that someone might find on the KissMetrics blog, GrooveHQ blog, WordStream, or AdExchanger. If none of these blogs ring a bell then you might not be a good fit.

This position is immediately open for 1-2 blog posts per week, with the potential for more.


* You will have written about digital marketing/advertising in the past

* Since this is a freelance position, you can work from wherever in the world you want. You’ll just have to be available once or twice a week for a quick Skype chat.

* You should have experience using Asana or any other project management software (e.g. Trello). That’s how we’ll keep track of all of your assignments.

* We are looking for a high-quality first draft. You post should have near perfect grammar. It should be written in a professional tone, but not sound dry and boring. We will run all of your posts through an editor first, but we’re looking for high-quality drafts right off the bat.

* Digital advertising is constantly evolving. It can be complex. You should already have some knowledge of digital advertising/marketing and be willing to do your research. This will make things much easier for both of us.

* You should be able to hit reasonable deadlines.

* We do not pay hourly or by word. We pay by piece. You must be okay with this. However, I will say that you will be highly compensated for excellent pieces. We believe in paying top dollar for amazing posts.

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