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Job Category:

Technical Support, Customer Service, Analyst, Medical & Health

Pay: TBD


Do you identify with any of the below statements?

  • I wish my weekend was longer.
  • I wish I could work outside of the traditional 9-5pm so that I could pursue my hobbies/passions during the day.
  • I wish I had more opportunity to work part-time.
  • I wish my job had more location flexibility.
  • I wish I could do all of the above while advancing my career and increasing my opportunities for upward mobility.
  • I wish I could do all of the above while creating meaningful impact.

If so, the Customer Success Analyst (After Hours) role at Ambra Health could be a great next step in your career.

The Customer Success Analyst (After Hours) role is a unique opportunity to kick-start your career in healthcare technology with a less traditional schedule. As a Customer Success Analyst (After Hours), you will be a primary troubleshooter for Ambra’s customer base outside of normal business hours. Given the nature of our customer’s business, support/help are required 24/7. As such, the Customer Success Analyst (After Hours) will play a crucial role in enabling patient care delivery at all times. Beyond that, the Customer Success Analyst (After Hours) will also have the opportunity to dive into our product’s software configuration capabilities while helping push customer deployments forward. In order to provide the tools you need to best succeed in this role, we will provide ample training and resources.

This is the perfect opportunity for those seeking career advancement while simultaneously pursuing other hobbies and passions during the work week. There are many opportunities in terms of career trajectory at Ambra – whether you choose to stay in an After Hours role or pursue a day-hour full time position following your time as an Customer Success Analyst (After Hours).


  • Answer phone calls for existing Ambra Customers
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with Ambra Customers
  • Escalate technical issues with Ambra Customers when needed
  • Answer customer Chats and Support Tickets
  • Work with existing Analysts/Senior Analysts to manage ticket queue
  • Configure customer workflows to propel the speed of deployment with the Ambra software
  • Drive and own ad hoc miscellaneous projects as Ambra operations aim to continuously evolve and improve


  • Education: College Degree
  • Location: Remote
    • Must have availability from 9-5pm for training during first two months following start date
  • Hours: Full Time (40 hours per week) or Part Time (20 hours per week) working 10 hour shifts:
    • Sample Full Time Shift:
      • Shift 1: Wednesday, 5:30pm – 3:30am MST
      • Shift 2: Thursday, 5:30pm – 3:30am MST
      • Shift 3: Friday, 5:30pm – 3:30am MST
      • Shift 4: Saturday, 11:30pm – 9:30am MST
      • Off: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
    • Sample Part Time Shift
      • Shift 1: Saturday, 3am – 1pm
      • Shift 2: Sunday, 9am-7pm
      • Off: Monday – Friday
  • Qualities
    • Team player mindset
    • Desire to make an impact in the healthcare industry
    • Interest in learning technical skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Experience in Customer Service a plus!
  • Start Date: 11/2/2020 (or earlier)

Company – Ambra Health