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Our goal is to make video meetings and collaboration for remote teams as frictionless as possible. We believe that launching a product is merely the beginning of a process as the product is adapted to users’ ever-changing needs and behavior. Bottom line: we aren’t afraid of changing things after it’s been released.

We are a team of distributed individuals, so we love coming up with creative ways to combat time and distance with through weekly online meetups and in-person at off-site retreats. We value relationships and a location independence so we work hard to make these sustainable within our remote team.

About you:

Flexibility is one of your core strengths. Just like technology, our team is fast paced and is constantly evolving. You are one to welcome the challenge of change and aren’t intimidated by the hurdle of time zones to help you accomplish goals for your customers or to establish lasting relationships with your teammates. You are a creative problem solver, resourceful in supporting customers, and don’t mind working independently. You love interacting with customers through e-mail and through itself. On our team we practice what we preach, is our number one communication tool, within the team and with support, so we experience the tool just like our customers do.

In the role you will:

* Work with users to troubleshoot technical problems with running on various browsers, as well as native apps for iOS and Android.

* Support and delight customers through various channels including email, Twitter and Facebook.

* Identify problems with the product based on customer feedback, suggest improvements and report bugs to the product team

* Let your creativity shine through customer support documentation, insuring it is up to date and constantly making it easier for our users to solve their own problems and get the answers they are looking for in a timely manner.

* Resolve billing issues, apply discounts, and monitor subscriptions of our premium customers.

What we are looking for:

* You have a technical background with 1-2 years relevant experience in supporting web and mobile applications.

* Have basic understanding of networking concepts, for example familiarity with DNS records and network protocols.

* You are eager to learn about our core technology, WebRTC, and the challenges customers have when using

* You are able to translate complex technical concepts into user friendly explanations to help increase understanding of and its infrastructure.

* You have a strong interest in customer advocacy and desire to be the voice of the customer to help influence product changes and new features.

* You are structured and able to prioritize your work to get things done efficiently.

* You want to work remotely from the United States, from Central or Eastern time zones, as the position
will require frequent communication with our team in Norway (CET), and our global customer base.

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