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Customer Support, Admin




Kris Carr’s team is looking for a Customer Support Representative + Admin to reinforce our wellness mission by helping every single person we touch feel delighted about their experience with us.


Are flexible and available. The selected representative will begin training part-time in January and must be available during 9-5 business hours ET. (Availability beyond those hours can be useful, too.) There is the potential for full time work for a perfect candidate.

Have a deep understanding of wellness practices and products. Your work will support our wellness products and mission including plant-based nutrition, meditation, exercise, self-care, and positive movement toward a healthier and happier life.

Make every customer feel heard. You positively represent our brand and our products, showing empathy with customers and addressing each question or concern thoroughly, while keeping the company’s best interest in mind. You approach every contact with a white-glove level of care and follow through. You recognize that customer support representatives are often the first direct contact customers have with a company, and that accurate, kind, and clear communication is critical for the customer relationship. You are skilled at sussing out what a customer (or potential customer) needs in order to create confidence, clearing the path to sale or resolution. You are genuinely excited to help people improve their lives.

Support our team as a skilled liaison. You have technology and software expertise. You are able to manage a large volume of incoming customer support inquiries (emails / live chats / comments) with kindness, accuracy, and efficiency. Your InfusionSoft experience allows you to gather detailed information that answers questions. You’re organized and detail-oriented, focused on outcomes, self-motivated, and know how to be successful while working remotely. You follow communication procedures, guidelines, and policies; tag and file correspondence accurately; and escalate issues appropriately. Your writing skills are impeccable, and you understand that customer support involves marketing.


* Read above!

* Proven customer support experience via email and live chat

* Availability and schedule flexibility

* 2 years experience in customer or client support

* Skill with CRM systems and practices (specifically InfusionSoft), and with other technology

* Strong writing and grammar skills

* The ability to interpret customer intentions, despite what they are asking / saying

* Excellent communication and presentation skills

* Thoroughness in responding to multiple issues per contact

* Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively

* Skill with troubleshooting and self-directed research

* Understanding of plant-based nutrition, meditation, and other areas of wellness

* Your own computer setup in a private and quiet space, with a fast and trustworthy internet connection

We’d Also Love to See:

* FreshWorks experience

* Social media experience

* Comfort with Google Business Suite / cloud-based documents

* Billing, accounting and collections experience

* WordPress and HTML / CSS experience

* SEO knowledge

* Google Analytics and reporting experience

* Experience as a participant of our Crazy Sexy You program is a major plus!


* Be part of a team that positively impacts people’s lives

* This is an independent contractor position

* This is a virtual position working with our remote team, sometimes on video. You must have a private, quiet workspace and a stable internet connection

* International candidates with impeccable written & spoken English are encouraged to apply

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