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AppSignal provides amazing insights into the workings and effects of applications. Our service is used by development teams around the world to build better applications. This is what drives us. Or as we like to say: We monitor the crap out of your app.

We’ll be looking for people who share excitement for our mission before we start looking at your skills. So if you get excited by our mission, you should definitely apply for this position.

The role

Every day, development teams start new trials for our product. They have 30 days to try AppSignal for free, and in that time we do everything in our ability to make their trial a success. Our first priority is making sure developers get the insights they need, followed by converting them into paying customers. It’s your responsibility to welcome them, guide them during their trial and make sure they’re happy. You’ll keep an eye on them after they’ve become paying customers to make sure we keep matching their needs. And you’re not on your own: all of this is a team effort.

The activities

1. You keep track of our sales funnel on a daily basis

2. You help people who have questions about our product

3. You help convert trials into customers

4. You manage social media conversations

5. You find opportunities to improve our product, our conversion rates and above all, the client’s experience & happiness

Your skills

1. You’re a native English speaker, or close

2. You have experience or affinity with development tools

3. You have experience or affinity with customer happiness / support / sales

4. You are willing to learn about our product / development

5. You love making people happy

6. You would love to work remotely in a young company without a crazy start-up culture

Room for growth

AppSignal is a team of six excited people. Our company is still growing and shaping itself. Your ideas and input are very welcome. You can shape your role around your interests and talents. You will be included in conversations and decisions about the direction of our product and company.

Your profile

We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders and orientations to apply for this position. You value a culture where we respect each other, but can have intense discussions about the contents of our work.

How to Apply

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