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Customer Service


$16 per hour.


We’re seeking a reliable, hard-working, and motivated Customer Service Specialist to work within our company, S2 Groupe, for the long-term.

As our Customer Service Specialist, you’ll be the point-person for all customer service operations for our online educational programs. You’ll be the first point of contact for hundreds of students, responding speedily to all customer issues. As our most visible representative, you’re our brand’s ambassador!

Your 5-star customer service will help us foster happy and loyal customer relationships for years to come.


As a Customer Service Specialist, your job will include the following:

  • Answer Customer Emails Promptly and Thoroughly – You’ll be handling customer emails, providing prompt and thorough service to build and maintain customer loyalty. *Please note: We use Help Scout — if you don’t know the software, we can teach you. All we need you to be is eager and excited to learn this best-in-class inbox management system.
  • Assist Customers with Troubleshooting – You’ll be assisting customers with any difficulties — technical and non-technical — that they might experience with our digital programs. You won’t be expected to resolve the technical issues entirely on your own, but rather work with the tech team to speedily resolve them. You’ll need to be comfortable resolving billing issues and problem-solving other customer service challenges.
  • Provide Administrative Support – You must be comfortable with Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Follow, Maintain, and Improve Working Procedures – In this position, you’ll be expected to follow step-by-step procedures, as well as suggest how we can improve operational efficiency. Keep an eye out for repeating customer questions so you can create proven scripts (or improve already-existing scripts) to solve similar service issues and better answer our customers’ questions.
  • Be Alert and Recognize Trends in Customer Service – You’ll be ready to feed those trends back to the team, so we’re constantly improving our customer experience.
  • Coordinate with Other Departments – Frequently, you’ll need to coordinate with other team members to resolve issues (i.e., tech specialist, copywriter, project manager, etc.). Occasionally you’ll work with our outside vendors. You must work well within a team and individually.
  • Serve as the Point-Person for S2 Groupe’s Private Clients regarding Group Calls, Retreats, and Media Opportunities – You’ll respond to their needs with a sense of urgency and care via email or phone.
  • External Relations Request – You may be helping S2 Groupe’s founder/CEO in coordinating and communicating with media and other external relations requests.


You’re a great match for this unique opportunity, if you are:

  • Self-Motivated and an Excellent Direction-Taker – You know how to prioritize the most important tasks (with minimal guidance), and how to think on your feet. At the same time, you pride yourself in your ability to take direction and deliver the desired result.
  • Excellent with Communication Skills – You understand the nuances of email communication, and can handle even the most challenging situations with professionalism and warmth. You’re also committed to keeping your supervisor “in the know” about your progress. (No one has to ever chase you down!)
  • Exceptional with Grammar and Punctuation – You pride yourself in catching every typo!
  • Deadline-Obsessed and Detail-Oriented – You love doing tasks on time, and checking them off your checklist! In fact, you are one of those people who doesn’t understand how some people can be so disorganized and tardy. Responding to emails with a sense of urgency and care is a source of pride.
  • Versatile – You’re always up for the challenge of learning something new and finding solutions. You’re comfortable in fast-paced environments.
  • Willing to Accept Personal Responsibility – If you make a mistake, you take 100% responsibility and fast action to remedy the situation.
  • Always Empathetic to Customers – You imagine yourself in a customer’s shoes and respond with empathy while having the ability to not take grumpy or terse emails personally. You see yourself as a bridge between company needs and customer needs. You know when it’s appropriate to be friendly and accommodating and when to be firm.


The right candidate for this position must have:

  • Experience handling customer emails, phone calls, and chats.
  • High-speed internet service.
  • A computer capable of handling large media files when necessary.
  • Ability to pick up technology basics quickly.
  • Availability to attend weekly calls, on Eastern Standard Time.


Led by Selena Soo (an expert in business, online marketing, and publicity), our company offers world-class online education programs and high-end coaching services to visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors.

Our mission is to help visionary people build their brand, reach more people, and change the world.

We offer the energy and excitement of a startup, along with the opportunity to make a massive impact in the lives of many thousands of people.


  • You’ll have the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever you want. As long as you’re getting work done, we’re fine if you’re working from the beach!
  • You’ll support a CEO and team who love creating world-class content that will make a bigger difference in our world.
  • You’ll get to work with talented, amazing people who make things happen.
  • Your work will be fun, meaningful, and challenging.

How to Apply

To apply, click on the following link. Interviews will begin in early to mid-April.

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