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Customer Service


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Customer service is often taken for granted. “Just do your job,” they say. “That’s what we’re paying you for,” they say. Not here. At Packlane, we see it as an art form. Because great service—where details matter most, problems get solved (not deflected), and relationships are built—is magical. We know that without the right person representing us on the front lines, we don’t stand a chance. Our customers come to us because they want the best for their business. And the best starts with you.

What you’ll do:

* Show off your proficient, positive, and proactive personality in every communication with our customers—not just on email, but also on live chat, where thinking on your feet is key.

* Be a steadfast Know-It-All when it comes to order status, product info, technical issues, pricing and more. And if you don’t know it all, you’ll know how to track it down. Fast.

* Keep our customers’ accounts up to date, managing refunds or credits when necessary.

* Become our CSSME—Customer Service Subject Matter Expert. In other words, know your stuff, write it down, and make sure it goes viral.

* Remember that part about solving (not deflecting) problems? Yeah, that.


Who You Are:

* Detail obsessed. Like housecleaning with a toothbrush obsessed.

* An unapologetic people person. Hugging optional, of course.

* Reliable. Accountable. Dependable. And all the other good -ables. You know what they are.

* A communicator at heart, who appreciates how the right words can soothe even the surliest souls.

* Very familiar with printing processes and Adobe Creative Suite.

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