Job Category:  Customer Service

Location: Work from anywhere (Global)


$18 per hour.


We’re looking for a high-energy, internet-loving, customer service & administrative assistant jungle cat who totally SLAYS at creative, thoughtful approaches to keeping our customers loving us and having fun—even when they’re experiencing an issue and/or taking us to task for something. 😉Humorous online business advice for people who are tired of getting everyone's "newsletter."
You’ll work under Ash Ambirge, an award-winning blogger & business maven who originally went from $26 in her bank account to building a million dollar online empire, and whose made it her life’s mission to encourage and inspire other women around the world to live & work creatively using technology. Ash is represented by her literary agency, Writers House NYC, where she’s working on a forthcoming memoir documenting her journey, and is known for her irreverent voice online, her no-punches approach to business, and her online programs, workshops & international retreats.
A copywriter by trade, and also the owner of her own copywriting agency, Ash has her hands in a million fun & exciting projects at any given time, and needs your help to act as a liaison between her and her many loyal and devout customers & fans–particularly when they’re having an issue downloading a product, or maybe just writing in looking for an encouraging slap in the a**—and help all operations run as smooth as Malbec down the throat. (Because, MALBEC.)
As one of Ash’s right hand superstars, here are a few of the things we’re on a mad hunt for in a candidate!
1. Outgoing personality, a sense of humor, and willingness to have fun with your work! 
We believe that doing business isn’t worth it if we’re not having fun. We’re big fans of emojis and gifs in emails, and that basically says everything you need to know. YOU’RE EITHER AN EMOJI PERSON OR YOU AREN’T, AM I RIGHT? <—Truth. We’re looking for the fun-loving sort of human who can kill it for us and have a great time doing it, alongside our customers and our mini team on Slack. 🙂 See? I couldn’t even resist a smiley face right there.
2. Big creative writing chops. Or bones. Or something that shows us that you won’t sound like a robot when you write emails…and that you actually like helping people. 🙂 
Our company is a creative writing & online publishing company, so anyone who has contact with our customers has got to walk the walk and talk the talk. We’re less “Dear Madam” and more “Hey, girlfriend!” We pride ourselves on creating a really enjoyable customer service experience through language that makes people smile and assure them they’re not just another number / ticket / email. Human-to-human is the goal, and we’re looking for someone who’s going to take as much pride in their emails as they would their mother’s obituary. OKAY, OKAY, TOO FAR. But, you get the point. (And that includes grammar and proper punctuation, yo.)
3. Confidence & courage. 
We’re a mini team, rebuilding from the ground up, and that means that anyone who works with us is automatically going to be the ruler of their domain, i.e. You’ll be calling a lot of the shots—and we want you to. We want you to take ownership over your work, and we trust you to make the right call. You won’t have to run everything past a boss, or ask permission for every little thing, which is cool, because it means you’ll have a big impact on our company and a lot of control. We want you to do the best job that you can, and we’ll often let you decide what that means.
4. Organized, connected, curious & one step ahead.
Is a customer reporting an issue that you can’t resolve? You’ll need to link up with the right person on the team who *can* fix the issue, and work through it together, and then report back to the customer. Something wonky happening with the site? Dive in with them and let’s figure things out. You’ll be in problem solving mode 50% of the time, and so you’ve got to really love getting your hands dirty and not being afraid to try any number of avenues to show someone that we’ll stop at nothing to make things right.
5. Located anywhere in the world, on any time zone, and willing to set your own hours.
This is a part-time contractor position, meaning that YOU get to set your own hours, work when you’re available, and do it from a French Riviera seaside or a back porch in Nebraska. Cool, huh? This company sprung from the CEO’s belief that we can do great creative work without sacrificing our lives working in a lonely little cubicle for 40 hours a week until we’re grey in the face and wake up one day wondering where time went. We’re staunch advocates of travel, new experiences, and creating a life that you actually give a sh*t about. Which means you can be anywhere, anytime as long as you get your work done.
Key Job Responsibilities Include:
  • Being the queen or king of all customer service emails & issues. This is your domain, baby!
  • Social media monitoring & sassery
  • Arranging interviews between various media outlets & the CEO and managing calendar
  • Troubleshooting basic technical issues (e.g. login issues, new passwords)
  • Contacting vendors and clients, acting as a liason
  • Proofreading
  • Publishing blog posts in WordPress
  • Working with email marketing software
  • Tasks as assigned to assist CEO & team with project work
  • Keeping everyone’s head on straight 😉
Requirements Include:
  • Minimum availability of 10 hours per week // maximum 20 hours with potential to grow
  • Computer
  • Wifi / internet connection
  • Online & social media prowess
  • Familiarity with WordPress highly desired
  • Ability to work independently & remotely
  • Communicate with other team members through Slack messaging system & Asana
  • Willing to track your time hourly via our system
  • At least one funny pet peeve. 😉
  • $18 USD / hour with potential for growth, based on success in role
  • Work from home in SILK PAJAMA PANTS, YOU GUYS
  • Set your own hours and do anything you want on a Monday morning at 9am
  • Work with a super fun, small creative team (seriously, we’re fun, we SWEAR)
  • Potential for occasional international travel with the team
  • Have your ideas heard & influence the company’s growth like a baller
  • If you’re one of ours, we take care of you like one of ours

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