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Customer Insights Specialist

Pay: TBD

Full Job Description

This is a great opportunity to work from home on a part time basis. Customer Insights Specialists conduct telephone interviews with ISG clients’ customers to record survey ratings and collect valuable feedback regarding that customers’ positive or negative interactions/relationship with the client. Interviews will be conducted during both daytime and evening hours.

ISG paves the way for a smooth interview process by having our clients send the four question survey and a letter explaining the project prior to telephone contact. With this pre-work, customers are anticipating the call and most likely already have thought about their comments.

Scope of Responsibilities

At the beginning of a project, ISG will contact Customer Insights Specialists to confirm commitment to the project. Projects generally consist of 10-40 interviews lasting approximately 15 minutes each, and have a three to four week delivery timeframe.

  • Conduct telephone interviews with clients’ customers to gain information on how they rate their supplier and why they rate them at that level, either high or low. Applicants must be inquisitive and have good interpersonal/communication skills.
  • Compile the information in a verbatim format in a web-based database. Applicants must have a computer, internet access, and be able to type effectively.
  • Provide ISG a weekly status, proactively communicate any issues encountered, and complete the project in the designated time period.

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Company – Innovative Solutions Group


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