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Article Writing

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Before you share any personal information with us, we’d like to tell you a little bit about ourselves:

  • Online Writing Jobs has been around since 2006, previously branded as QualityGal. We rebranded because this very lovely and relevant domain was available; it was time for a facelift (and that lift has held up quite well, if we do say so ourselves!), and nobody (of repute) searches for QualityGal or its variants.
  • We are limited to U.S.-based writers who can provide the required documentation. See step #3.
  • Writers can invoice at will, and we pay weekly via PayPal or check.
  • We use a per-project, rubric-driven pay scale, and final payment is linked to the grade indicated by the rubric. Average payout ranges between $27 and $10 per project, depending on the project specs.
  • Showcase your skills and niche knowledge with additional direct-offer dedicated writing opportunities.
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