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Collective Press is looking for a talented freelance copyeditor to copyedit articles on a variety of lifestyle subjects such as: cooking, DIY, health, exercise, outdoors, animals, and more. This is a remote position.


* Copyedit and assess article for spelling/grammar, factual accuracy, legal considerations, style, and consistency


* At least 4+ years of copyediting experience

* 1+ years of online copyediting experience

* A thorough knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and spelling

* Extreme attention to detail and thoroughness

* Fact-checking experience

* Experience with American media copyright law, especially in the realm of online publishing

* Can meet deadlines

* Self-starter

To Apply

Under “Website/Links to your work” in the form below, please submit your latest writing portfolio and provide a lifestyle article sample.
About Collective Press

Collective Press is a digital media startup company that was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneurs from Berkeley, Stanford, and UPenn. It owns several digital publications spanning a variety of topics: news, trending stories, home, cooking, diy, and more.

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