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StarWipe is seeking contributors to provide daily news headlines and articles, as well as feature ideas and drafts. The site relies on writers Logowho can take an actual celebrity news story and put a smart, humorous spin on it for audiences that likely wouldn’t otherwise be interested in tabloid fare. It also needs writers who can create sharp takes on features, slideshows, and quizzes that satirize the tropes of celebrity and fashion culture. StarWipe is holding an open application period for contributors who can fill those needs.

All contributors to StarWipe are freelance and work remotely, submitting news articles every weekday, with pitches for features due once per week. All new contributors will be subject to a four-week trial, after which point the editorial staff will then decide whether to offer an official place on the roster. Contributors are paid only upon publication of ideas.

To apply to this open call, please submit a packet containing 10 ideas pitches—5-7 news headlines based on actual celebrity news stories (include a link to the source), plus 3-5 feature pitches—and one 200-350 word news story in the StarWipe editorial style. Please also include a short one-paragraph bio.

SAMPLE PACKET (minus the news story):


  • Newly Humbled Kanye Says His Album Will Only Be “One Of” The Best Of All Time
  • Lazy Drew Barrymore Refuses To Chase Stardom
  • Sofia Vergara Unsure Why Women Hate Being Objectified When It Earns Her Millions
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar Won’t Rule Out Taking Easy Money
  • Man Arrested For Lurking Outside Taylor Swift’s Home Without Photographing Her For Profit
  • Ice T’s Baby Gets Ears Pierced To Complement Her Partially Formed Skull
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Proves She’s A Rough-And-Tumble Street Rat With A Luxury Beauty Line
  • SLIDESHOW: 7 Celebrity Diets You’ll Definitely Feel Like Following After A Long Day At Work
  • SLIDESHOW: The Cast Of Groundhog Day: Where Are They Now That Every Day Is A Listless, Repetitive Slog?
  • QUIZ: How Fucking Annoying Are You About Benedict Cumberbatch?

• Please submit all applications as a PDF attached to the application.
• Do not send other writing samples other than headlines and your short bio
• Please no phone calls/emails.

 Application deadline March 18, 2016 with notifications being sent out by April 1, 2016

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