Job Category:

Education & Training, Tutoring


About $15/hour


We are looking for a contractor who will be one of the primary school liaisons of our Remote Tutoring and Mentoring Program (RTM) in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on schools in the East Bay. Our RTM program connects middle and high school students with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals for weekly mentoring and tutoring sessions using a web-based, interactive whiteboard and audio connection.

Position: Contractor (about 15 hours per week) – no need to visit schools, all work can be done remotely with a computer, headset and internet connection.

Required Skills, Experience and Abilities

* A self-starter who works well in a small company environment

* Minimum of a bachelor’s degree

* Strong time management skills

* Organized – we generate a fair amount of electronic and physical media that must stay organized and quickly accessible

* Ability to work independently

Preferred Experience and Interests

* Familiarity with VOIP systems

* A passion and basic understanding of K-12 education

* Experience with education-based programs in either the non-profit or other sectors

* An appreciation for both the demands and rewards of community-level philanthropy

Key Responsibilities

* Contractor will be assigned mentor-student pairs to observe about one in three weekly sessions (33%)
Contractor will watch the recorded sessions:
(a) Looking specifically for “red flags”
(b) Looking for “healthy” sessions
(c) Work with mentors via email phone to help trouble shoot sessions when they have difficulty connecting with their student via our mentoring platform

* After reviewing the sessions, the Contractor will email the Program Coordinator with all findings.

* Contractor must participate in one training meeting to discuss the program

How to Apply

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