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3 cents per word.

Usually, for every request,  ten to fifteen 500 word articles at a rate of 3 cents per word.



Content marketing company is looking for an epic content writer that can really exercise their ability to produce quality blog content on a weekly basis.

Job Details

You will be assigned content every Wednesday and we expect 6 days turnover.

Usually we request ten to fifteen 500 word articles at a rate of 3 cents per word.

As far as what you are writing about, it will depend on what site you are assigned to, all of them are themed differently. Finance is our recurring topic, so financial background is preferred, but not mandatory.

You can choose some of the sites that you want to write on (usually on Tuesdays) and come up with titles/topics for your articles, then I will give you the OK to go ahead and start on them. Sometimes when we need content for a certain site I’ll assign that to a specific person.

So you get some flexibility in choosing what you want to write about, as long as you are ready on Tuesday to make topics for yourself based on what the sites theme is. If you are not available on Tuesdays I can still assign you content, but most of our writers do like to create their own topics.

The whole process is even more simplified with google drive and documents that are premade for you choose your content, and also see what your assigned too.


  • Strong creative writing
  • Quality work with no grammatical errors.
  • Able to handle a good amount of work(10-15 500 word articles, 1000/2000 word articles on occasion)
  • Able to use google drive and docs

How To Apply

Send your application to and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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