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7 Cups’ mission is to empower every human to care for one another. Since graduating Y-Combinator in 2013, 7 Cups’ has significantly expanded access to emotional support and behavioral health. We are currently the largest mental health system in the world. Over 2 million people from almost every country on the planet (191/195) in 152 different languages use the platform each month. We are living in a world with an immense love deficit. Many of us are not receiving the love we need to reach our true potential and to truly thrive. We are solving this huge problem, and trying to change the stigma around mental health.

We aim to provide a safe experience for all of the users on 7 Cups. We are looking to hire a paid Moderation Management Intern(s) to help proactively manage existing safety initiatives in the 7 Cups community with a focus on chatrooms. You will be monitoring assigned chatrooms and working to proactively de-escalate conflict and build a supportive environment.

What you’ll do:

* Be present and on-call in the community during your shift hours to help resolve safety issues as quickly as possible in your assigned chat rooms.

* Monitor and support the proactive removal of group support spam and inappropriate content/ conversation.

* Build a positive and supportive environment in the chatrooms.

* Work closely and collaboratively with volunteer moderators.

* Monitor the group support emergency form during your shift.

* Support all volunteer moderators in their efforts to resolve safety issues across the site in a timely manner.

* Track and review various statistics and data.

What you bring:

* Must be 18+ and successfully pass a background check.

* A strong understanding of boundaries and ability to maintain them.

* Natural leadership skills and have been a supportive role model to volunteers.

* You are orientated to stats and data tracking as they pertain to the community. You understand their importance.

* You are a proactive problem solver.

* You stay calm in difficult or challenging situations.

* Ability to de-escalate conflict quickly and efficiently.

Equal Employment Opportunities at 7Cups:

7Cups is committed to hiring talented and qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds for all of its tech, non-tech, and leadership roles. 7Cups believes that the gathering and celebration of unique backgrounds, qualities, and cultures enriches the workplace.

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